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Torsten Juern: It will be an extra motivation

 Radosław Zieliński: SEC 2014 first round will be organised in Germany. How do You feel with that idea?
Torsten Juern:
I think that the 2013 SEC series was a huge success and has drawn much interest in Germany. Due to the fact that you could see it live in free TV on Eurosport many people who normally don't attend any Speedway meetings watched it and realized what a great sport it is. For many years years you could not see any Speedway on TV in Germany but thanks to One Sport and Eurosport it is different now.

European Champion wishes Merry Christmas!

 European Champion Martin Vaculik is preparing himself for Christmas. However Slovak had some time to tell about traditions which are present in typical Slovakian home, also about the place of Christmas in his heart and he wishes all the fans Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

1st round of SEC in Germany!

 The organizers of Speedway European Championships have officially announced the place of the first round of SEC in 2014. The best riders in Europe is starting their rivalry for the European Champion title in German town Guestrow. It will take place on the 6th of July 2014.

Memories from Rzeszow

 It’s the time for the last part of memories from Speedway European Championships. The last part took place 29th of September in Rzeszow on a stadium on the Hetmanska street. Before the event the only candidate for the European Champion title was Dane Nicki Pedersen. However that day was superb for Slovak Martin Vaculik who was unbeaten rider that evening and he gained gold medal of SEC.

Radoslaw Jaworski: I am surprised

 Radosław Zieliński (SEC): The first season of SEC in Eurosport is behind us. What is your opinion about the decision of showing speedway in television which is broadcasted all over the World?
Radosław Jaworski:
At this moment our impressions are only positive because, as we thought, the whole tournament had very big audience in Polish Eurosport. However, what was most surprising, speedway was watched almost all over the world. In such case our impressions can be only positive. We are aware of the fact that this project has a big potential. I mean here development of this particular sport discipline.

Eurosport pleased with the cooperation

 Eurosport has been transmitting all tournaments of Speedway European Championships since signing the deal with One Sport in 2013. Taking the time into consideration Polish Director of Communication in Eurosport told us about his impressions concerning last season and mentioned also about future plans.

Tomasz Gollob will ride only in SEC!

 The legend of Polish speedway and the best rider in Polish history officially resigned from riding in next year Individual World Championships. Although Tomasz Gollob earlier had agreed on the participation in next year Speedway Grand Prix eventually he decided to resign from it. At the same time we want to reassure all fans – Tomasz Gollob is still taking part in Speedway European Championships. Lately Polish rider has accepted wild card given to him by the organizers.

SEC is a really great event

 Grigory Laguta finished third in last season tournament for the Individual Championship of Europe. This position meant that the Russian secured the maintenance cycle and 2014 fans again will be able to see it on SEC's  tracks. "Grisha" shared with us his insights on past season.

Maciej Janowski and Jurica Pavlic in Wroclaw

 Another two riders, who were part of Speedway European Championships, has signed contracts with Betard Sparta Wroclaw. Last two years Maciej Janowski spent in Unia Tarnow. Now “Magic” decided to come back to the club in which he started his career

Fredrik Lindgren is changing the club

 Fredrik Lindgren is changing the club in Polish Speedway Extraleague. Last season he was riding in Unia Leszno – in 2014 he will be a rider of Renault Zdunek Wybrzeze Gdansk. Last year his scored were not very successful. His average 1,773 was 29th in ENEA Extraleague (Polish Extraleague). His advantage was a fact that he scored similar number of points in home and away matches.

Gollob will start in SEC 2014 !

 Tomasz Gollob is another rider after Andreas Jonsson and Emil Sayfutinov, who received and accepted a wild card to compete in Speedway European Championships 2014. Those 3 joined Martin Vaculik, Nicki Pedersen and Grigory Laguta who have secured their start in the next edition of SEC thanks to being in top 3 of general classification last season.

Nicki Pedersen for two years in Leszno!

 Vice European Champion, Dannish rider Nicki Pedersen changing club in Poland. From Rzeszow transferred to Wielkopolska, where in 2014 will race in the colors of Fogo Unia Leszno. Pedersen last season drove in the team of Rzeszow, Podkarpacie region, however, the teamwas relegated of the ENEA Extraleague.

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