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Andersen contract extension

 Hans Andersen decided to extend the contract with Polonia Bydgoszcz. A player from Denmark, so spend 2014 in the Polish first division Polonia Bydgoszcz fighting for promotion to the ENEA Ekstraliga. Andersen signed a contract on Tuesday, as already confirmed by local activists.

GoPro , to see more!

 Small in size and light in weight, the GoPro can be installed almost anywhere. Thanks to the type of true action camera we have had the opportunity in recent years to watch sports events from a different perspective. However, it was the Individual European Championship series that really enabled us to fully exploit its potential. Amazing footage from the rider’s viewpoint, illustrating how beautiful and spectacular speedway is, whilst balancing on the limit of risk.

Emil Sayfutdinov chose Torun!

Emil Sayfutdinov  confirmed today that the new season will race in the colors of Unibax Torun. The Russian did not finish last season due to severe suffering an injury on the track in Torun league match. Sayfutdinov admittedly extended by one year contract with Włókniarz Czestochowa, but due to the backlog, Emil left the club for 1 zł.  Sayfutdinow is also a full participant in the SEC next year.

Memories of Gorican

 Competition in Croatia has been good for Polish Speedway, and in Gorican wildcard Krzysztof Kasprzak came out on top of the pile, whilst Sebastion Ulamek followed in second place. The final place on the rostrum went to Martin Vaculik who used a battle between Gollob and Kasprzak to move into third position.

European Champion is in Tarnow

 Individual European Champion of 2013 years extension his contract in the Polish club. Slovakian rider still be racing in the colors of the Unia Tarnow. Martin Vaculik competes in Tarnow in 2010, when he decided to change the club colors after the relegation of the team from Gdansk.


 November 17 officially comes into force provision introduced by the FIM - Europe prohibits competing in the European Championships competitors who are regular participants at Grand Prix. Therefore, the company One Sport has released an official statement which clearly underlines the inconsistency of this record with European law.

BSI are not interested in riders’ health.

 Emil Sayfutdinov did not finish last season because of an injury suffered in an accident on the track in Torun. The Russian missed two rounds of the SEC, although he was leading the series. In a very honest post-season interview on his official website, he speaks honestly about all current matters relating to him. Interestingly Sayfutdinov is strongly considering withdrawing from the World Championship series.

Maciej Janowski: My team and I made a few changes

Radoslaw Zielinski : Maciek , at the end of the season you won the gold medal in the colors of Poole Pirates . What kind of year was it for you?
Maciej Janowski :
Taking into account the results that I had this year , I can safely say that it was a very positive year .

RZ : Despite a good effort in the SEC you took fifth place and managed to also jump on the podium and keep you in the top . What do you think were the reasons behind that?
MJ :
Not all meetings went the way I hoped and that’s was why I finished where I did. Of course I wanted to show what I am capable of, but it wasn’t bad overall.

We expect more respect!

 Riders, who received a wild card for the tournament European Championship protest by sending a letter to the FIM - Europe in the period of Ineligibility at the same time with the SEC and the Grand Prix. The following content speedway official letter:

Memories of Togliatti

 We are continue cycle of memories from the past season. This time we walk to Russia, where a packed stadium was played the second round of the SEC. "The best tournament in history", "Great prosecution", "perfect organization". These are just some opinions on the competition in Togliatti.

Grand Prix riders banned from SEC!

 The European Union Motorcycle (FIM -Europe ) has introduced a formal ban that prevents riders in the Grand Prix taking part in SEC. This decision has been rumoured for weeks, but Sunday it became official news. This means that all riders taking part in the World Championship cannot be regular participants of the SEC. Amongst the riders who received permanent wild cards from the organisors are Emil Sayfutdinov, and Andreas Jonsson.

Memories of Gdansk

 We begin a series of short stories that appeared in various media about the SEC rounds. Today, in the first of them we will look back to the meeting in Gdansk, and recall that Emil Sajfutdinow won from Nicki Pedersen and Tai Woffinden.

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