Individual Speedway Euro Championship is an event, the beginning of which dates back to 2001, when Bohumil Brhel won the gold medal in Heusden - Zolder . By 2012, riders who started in the competition often weren’t seen in major international events. Only since taking the championship by One Sport it has gained prestige due to them. This year, the inauguration and the great final will be held in Poland. 

Individual European Championships in 2013 gained a new quality. Instead of a one-day final, the best of riders of Europe will be fighting for the title, medals and prize money in a series of four final tournaments. And all this can be followed live on Eurosport.


One Sport – the organizer of Speedway Euro Championship and Speedway Best Pairs Cup – invited Tomasz Gollob, Nicki Pedersen and Emil Sajfutdinow to take part in the first edition. Although a few point advantage before the last tournament in Rzeszów, Nicki Pedersen didn’t win the gold medal – Martin Vaculik, who was in brilliant disposition that day, won. 18 points of Slovak and Dane’s worse day caused that “Vacul” won the gold medal of European Championship 2013. Grigorij Laguta also qualified to the 2014 series.



2014 belonged to Emil Sajfutdinow. This way Russian finished the mission which he started the season before. Then after two wins in two tournaments he was main candidate to the final win. Unfortunately he got seriously injured which caused that he ended the season. Last season, Sayfutdinov was about to finish the thing, he's started one year earlier. He dedicated the Euro Championship's gold to his father, who passed away and in the next series, Emil wanted to defend the title and write his name again in the European Championship's history.


Announced and put his word into action. SEC 2015 was once again going under the rules of „Russian Torpedo”. Sayfutdinov was performing well and stable, but most importantly – at the highest level. Brilliant round in Toruń or Swedish Kumla, where he got 18 points are the best evidence. For the second time in a row, Russian hiked on the top step of the rostrum, but as he announced, he still felt hungry for winning and in 2016 once again wanted to be the king of Europe. SEC 2016 was incredibly exhilarating and equal at the same time. Fight for the title and securing the spots for the next year, was undergoing up until the very last heat of the final round in Rybnik. Ultimately, it was Nicki Pedersen reaching for the European Champion title and double Euro Champ Emil Sayfutdinov got out of the TOP 5.

SEC 2017 was the one, when debuting riders faced those experienced in Speedway Euro Championship starts. What's interesting, there were three riders in TOP 5 of the series, who got to the finals thanks to permanent "wild cards". What's more, single rounds' "wild cards" presented a high efficiency and gathered together 43 points. Andzejs Lebedevs became the European Champion, who by the way, didn't win any of the four rounds in 2017 season. Silver was handed to Artem Laguta (Russia) and bronze went to vice-champion from 2016 - Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic).



                                                                2018 (4 rounds)                               2017 (4 rounds)

                                                      Leon Madsen                      Andzejs Lebedevs
                                                      Jarosław Hampel               Artem Laguta
                                                      Robert Lambert                  Vaclav Milik

2016 (4 rounds)                 2015 (4 rounds)               2014 (4 rounds)          2013 (4 rounds)

 Nicki Pedersen             Emil Sajfutdinow           Emil Sajfutdinow     Martin Vaculik
 Vaclav Milik                   Nicki Pedersen               Peter Kildemand      Nicki Pedersen
 Krzysztof Kasprzak     Antonio Lindbaeck        Nicki Pedersen         Grigorij Laguta



2012 (4 rounds)             2011 Równe               2010 Tarnów                2009 Togliatti

 Aleš Dryml                 Grigorij Łaguta           Sebastian Ułamek       Renat Gafurow
 Robert Miśkowiak   Tomasz Gapiński       Aleš Dryml                     Andrij Karpow
 Andrij Karpow           Aleš Dryml
                  Andrij Karpow               Aleš Dryml

2008 Lendava               2007 Wiener Neustadt        2006 Miszkolc                   2005 Lonigo

 Matej Žagar                     Jurica Pavlic                   Krzysztof Jabłoński       Jesper B.Jensen
 Sebastian Ułamek         Sebastian Ułamek       Grzegorz Walasek         Aleš Dryml
 Mads Korneliussen      
 Patrick Hougaard         Christian Hefenbrock    Kai Laukkanen

2004 Holsted                      2003 Slaný                      2002 Rybnik                  2001 Heusden-Zolder

 Matej Žagar                Krzysztof Kasprzak          Magnus Zetterström     Bohumil Brhel
 Matej Ferjan               Sławomir Drabik             Krzysztof Kasprzak         Mariusz Staszewski
 Hans Andersen         
 Magnus Zetterström      Rafał Szombierski           Krzysztof Cegielski


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