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Thomsen and Lahti won the qualifying rounds for the SEC Challenge

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We have met the first eight riders who advanced to the 2024 SEC Challenge. The final round of qualification for the Individual European Championship will take place on May 12 in Daugavpils.

The first of the four qualifying rounds was held in Debrecen. On the track, where the first round of TAURON SEC 2024 will be held on June 8 the one who shown the brightest was Anders Thomsen. The Dane finished with a maximum of 15 points. Second place, with one point less was taken by Jacob Thorssell. The minor point differences in the final classification meant that the last two places that were eligible for promotion to the SEC Challenge were decided by an extra race. In the end, Kacper Woryna finished third, while Jevgenijs Kostigovs took fourth place.

1st Qualifying Round, Debrecen Results:

1. Anders Thomsen (Denmark) - (3,3,3,3,3,3) 15
2. Jacob Thorssell (Sweden) - (3,3,2,3,3,3) 14
3. Kacper Woryna (Poland) - (3,2,3,2,2) 12+3
4. Jevgenijs Kostigovs (Latvia) - (2,3,1,3,3) 12+2
5. Antonio Lindback (Sweden) - (3,2,3,1,3) 12+1
6. Stanislav Melnychuk (Ukraine) - (2,1,2,2,2) 9
7. Marius Hillebrand (Germany) - (0,3,2,2,1) 8
8. Adam Ellis (Great Britain) - (1,2,3,0,2) 8
9. Marko Levishyn (Ukraine) - (2,2,2,EX,1) 7
10. Sandro Wassermann (Germany) - (1,1,1,3,0) 6
11. Norbert Magosi (Hungary) - (1,1,0,2,1) 5
12. Jan Janicek (Czech Republic) - (2,1,0,1,0) 4
13. Tino Bouin (France) - (1,0,1,1,0) 3
14. Niclas Sayrio (Finland) - (0,0,0,0,2) 2
15. Luka Omerzel (Slovenia) - (0,0,1,0,F) 1
16. Julian Kuny (Germany) - 1 (0,0,EX,T,1)

The second qualifying round took place in Mureck, where Timo Lahti dominated the competition, securing his spot in the SEC Challenge with 14 points. Frederik Jakobsen and Erik Riss finished with 12 points each, claiming second and third places respectively. The last position giving promotion to the tournament in Daugavpils was decided by an extra run, in which Bartłomiej Kowalski faced Tom Brennan. In the end, the Pole, who replaced the injured Antti Vuolas just before the competition, was the winner of that one.

2nd Qualifying Round, Mureck Results:

1. Timo Lahti (Sweden) - (2,3,3,3,3,3) 14
2. Frederik Jakobsen (Denmark) - (3,3,2,1,3) 12
3. Erik Riss (Germany) - (3,2,3,2,2) 12
4. Bartłomiej Kowalski (Poland) - (1,3,2,3,2) 11+3
5. Tom Brennan (Great Britain) - (2,1,3,2,3) 11+2
6. Jaroslaw Hampel (Poland) - (1,2,3,3,1) 10
7. Ricards Ansviesulis (Latvia) - (3,2,1,2,2) 10
8. Andriy Karpov (Ukraine) - (3,0,1,EX,3) 7
9. Daniel Gappmaier (Austria) - (0,3,2,1,1) 7
10. Jan Macek (Czech Republic) - (2,1,2,EX,1) 6
11. Hynek Stichauer (Czech Republic) - (2,1,1,0,1) 5
12. Mathias Tresarrieu (France) - (1,0,0,3,0) 4
13. Jakub Valkovic (Slovakia) - (0,2,0,2,0) 4
14. Roman Kapustin (Ukraine) - (0,1,1,1,0) 3
15. Nicolas Vincentin (Italy) - (1,0,0,EX,2) 3
16. Milen Manev (Bulgaria) - (0,0,-,-,0) 0

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