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 Two round of SEC are after us. Exactly two in front of. Gorican and Rzeszów. Those two cities on September will have two final competitions of Speedway European Championships. Very important case is that only top three riders will stay in SeC for the 2014 season without any eliminations.

 In this moment the standings situation is very interesting, 'cause every rider from Top 8 still have a great chance to finish SEC tournament on the rostrum. Leading Emil Sayfutdinov have a crushial problem after the injury in the league match in Toruń. Whole russian international team works really hard to give Emil back on the bike as soon as possible. Determination of the rider is so huge that he really can jump on the bike and fight with the rivals and pain. But unfortunately that kind of scenario is out of the question now so rest of the riders will fight for the European Championship trophy. Nicki Pedersen, Tai Woffinden, Tomasz Gollob and Grigorij Laguta. Only few points are between them so in Gorican and in Rzeszów aswell racin' will be tremendous.

Nicki Pedersen never gives up any heat. That is why he lost twice only with a current SEC leader. Tai Woffinden is a young and great hope for British speedway. He is in fantastic mood and top disposition which saved his polish Beatard Sparta club before the relegation this season. Only one point is between those two SEC stars so we can expect some fire on the track. Only one polish rider who is still in the great battle for the SEC trophy Tomasz Gollob had some bad days lately but he definately still counts in the competition. After the great performance in Gdańsk polish international lost many points in Togliatti round so now he need to attack from behind.

Straight after Gollob Grigorij Laguta is comin' who showed extremely speedway in Togliatti. His racin' is absolutely outstanding which makes crowd on the stadium and in front of tv totally crazy. He is racin' so close to the fense what gives him a great opportunity to collect so important points in the finals. Now he is fifth in the tornament and he will definately want to be higher and higher. Especially now when Emil is injured. Exactly on the same points level is Martin Vaculik now. He made a huge step forward and now he's racin' as in the best days from last season. In Gdańsk he suffered by wrong referee decision. In Togliatti in ona last chance heat he didin't leave any hope for Nicki Pedersen and Emil Sayfutdinov himself.

Next few riders don't have too many points to the rostrum but their disposition is not very equal. Still everyone have many chances to collect more points and there absolutely will be fight till the end. Even now we know that on the September the 29th will be great day for global speedway. 395 meters long track in Rzeszów will give so many emotions to the fans who will come to support their favourite riders in the decidin' Speedway European Championships competition.

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Drabik with the best 'wild card' appearance in TAURON SEC 2023

Norick Blödorn, Petr Chlupac, Maksym Drabik and Szymon Woźniak were the riders who received 'wild cards' for individual rounds of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2023. The best of them was the 2017 & 2019 Individual U21 World Champion.

Who made the biggest progress compared to last year?

The excitement of the battle for the crown of the Old Continent is over. This is a good moment to review this year's series from statistical side. Which of the riders competing in both TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2022 and 2023 made the biggest progress in terms of points scored?

The best scoring nations in TAURON SEC 2023

Twenty-two riders from nine countries were scoring points in the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship series in season 2023. Let's check the statistics per nation.

Kołodziej fastest in Pardubice

Janusz Kołodziej was the fastest rider of the final round of TAURON SEC, which was held in Pardubice. The Pole reached a top speed of 121 km/h in heat 6.

Quickest reaction from Michelsen

Mikkel Michelsen achieved the best reaction time during the final round of TAURON SEC, which was held in Pardubice last Friday. The newly crowned European Champion showed off his phenomenal reflexes in the last race of the day.

Madsen with the best heat time

Leon Madsen recorded the best race time of the fourth round of TAURON SEC, which took place in Pardubice last Friday. The Dane accomplished this in his second start of the night.

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