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Hans and Tai travelled by Moto-Taxi between the airports in Russia (video)

On August the 9th Tai Woffinden and Hans Andersen rode for their biritish teams in Elite League. Day after they had to be in Togliatti, Russia on second Speedway European Championships final. It was extremely deamanding from the logistic point of view. Thanks to One Sport's SEC organizers and Moto-Taxi everything ended well. Here you can watch short video from this unusual danish and british rider's trip.

Great happiness on the rostrum in Russia ( video)

Spectacular meeting was create by the competitors of second Speedway European Championships final in Togliatti. The winner was Emil Sayfutdinov and just behind his back danish international Nicki Pedersen and russian Grigorij Laguta were. We want to invite you to watch the video with great happiness of the winners that day and fine joy on the rostrum.

Elitserien: Piraterna the strongest, Hammarby out of the league

13th of August regular season in swedish Elistserien were finished. Piraterna Motala won that part of the battle. Stefan's Andersson team is very happy about that but in totally bad mood are riders from Hammarby. Team from Stockholm is relegated to the lower Allsvenskan league.

Watch the highlights from russian round of SEC (video)

Internet SEC Television prepared more than a minute material which showes what happened on the stadium in Togliatti 10th of August during the second Speedway European Championships final. Enjoy you watchin'!

Amazing Sayfutdinov in Togliatti

 Emil Sayfutdinov was the best in second round Speedway European Championship. Russian rider gained in Togliatti thirteen points. Second was Nicki Pedersen from Denmark and third Grigory Laguta. In general classification Emil Sayfutdinov has 27 points, three more than second Pedersen.

SEC Survey: Sayfutdinov the favourite and rider from Togliatti without any chances on Saturday

It's high time to do the counting before the Speedway European Championhips second final. This round will start August the 10th in Togliatti. For that occasion we have prepared a few questions to our website readers.

SEC TV: Bikes are going to Togliatti

On Saturday 10th of August second Spedway European Championships 2013 final will be held. This time riders will fight in very far Togliatti. This is a huge logistics operation but there is no impossible things for SEC! 26 bikes will go on 2500 kilometers journey. Please watch the video from the transportation preparings.

Russian speedway in the chase for the world

This Saturday in very far russian Togliatti riders will fight in the second Speedway European Championships final. This is historic moment when world speedway opens on new russians possibilities. The great moment for Russians aswell who have full of confidence and knows exactly in which direction they want to go.

Elitserien: Unexpected win for Hammarby

13 round of swedish Elitserien just behind us. We have had plenty of surprises and unexpected results last Tuesday. None of all four meetings wasn't cancelled and in everyone home team was always the winner. But sometimes win wasn't so clear just before the end of the fixture.

Eurosport invites you to watch the second SEC final transmission (video)

Transmission in Eurosport television from the first Speedway European Championships final in Gdańsk had a great audience. Second SEC round from Togliatti will be available to watch live on Eurosport on Saturday August the 10th. Here you can watch the invitation to Togliatti event. We wish you a nice time watchin the Eurosport channel.

Roman Povazhny: "In Togliatti speedway was always delicious"

Couple days ago were a lot of emotions in the air connected with great inauguration of Speedway European Championships 2013 finals. Now second event with plenty of acion is coming up. Presence of Roman Povazhny in this competitions will be something really special.

Maciej Janowski: "I'm flyin' there with the best equipment I have in my workshop"

This Saturday we will be whitnesses of secon Speedway European Championships final. After first round in Gdańsk SEC circus is goin' to Togliatti in Russia for the European tittle battle. Maciej Janowksi counts on good performance there.

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