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Artiom Laguta: "This should be one of the most exciting competitions in the season"

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Brother Grigorij and Artiom Laguta get excellent results in the beginning of the season . Both are pillars of their teams in polish extraligue. Brave russians will also perform on 8th June in Toruń, during Eurosport Speedway Best Pairs tournament.

Artiom will be a reserve rider that day. It doesn't mean that he won't appear on a track in a result of weaker performance of one of his partners. The rider looks with a hope on Motoarena event. - I think that it could be one of the most exciting competitions in this season, because of it's characteristic. The supporters always liked pair riding and it aroused emotions on stadiums around the world. My current form is high and if it will stay on this level, i will be able to help my friends to fight in Toruń succesfully.

Our interlocutor feels appreciated that he will have a chance to ride with his brother and Emil Sajfutdinov. - The plan was to get the best riders of each country on this tournament and make a strong pairs of them. This is why I am happy that I was choosed and I will be able to go to Toruń. I wasn't always in good performance on this track, i used to have various performances, but with good disposition - every stadium is good. I support Emil for years, because he's a great friend and fantastic rider. Riding with him in one team is a great thing - said Laguta.

- We were riding together with my brother and Emil one year ago in World Cup. Beside this, I was riding with Grisza few years ago in Daugavpils. You could say that we know our behaviour on a track for a little bit, and it could be helpfull on Toruń's cup - says Artiom. Let's recall that in 2012 season russian national team with those three riders in squad, won the bronze medal on the Team World Cup in Malilla (Sweden).

- It's important to me to do well on this event, because I feel strong from the beginning of the season. It would be a shame not to get best results from this opportunity. My next target is to get a promotion and get back to Grand prix. I know it's ambitious, but I am not going to give up - ends russian rider.

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