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TOGLIATTI, 20.08.2016 15:00


Mega Lada Stadium
Rodiny 40, 445020 Samara circuit, Togliatti
GPS Data
N53° 29' 57.12", E49° 23' 22.92"
62.4 Artem Laguta
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 G. Laguta        J. Kołodziej        A. Kudryashov        A. Lebedevs       
2 A. Lindbaeck        P. Pawlicki        J. Kylmaekorpi        E. Sayfutdinov       
3 A. Thomsen        V. Milik        H. Andersen        K. Kasprzak       
4 L. Madsen        N. Pedersen        M. Vaculik        P. Ljung       
5 P. Pawlicki        G. Laguta        N. Pedersen        A. Thomsen       
6 M. Vaculik        A. Lindbaeck        V. Milik        J. Kołodziej       
7 H. Andersen        A. Kudryashov        J. Kylmaekorpi        L. Madsen       
8 A. Lebedevs        E. Sayfutdinov        P. Ljung         
9 A. Lindbaeck        G. Laguta        P. Ljung        M. Litvinov       
10 J. Kołodziej        K. Kasprzak        L. Madsen        P. Pawlicki       
11 E. Sayfutdinov        M. Vaculik        A. Thomsen        A. Kudryashov       
12 N. Pedersen        V. Milik        J. Kylmaekorpi        A. Lebedevs       
13 K. Kasprzak        M. Vaculik        G. Laguta         
14 N. Pedersen        H. Andersen          J. Kołodziej       
15 V. Milik        P. Pawlicki        P. Ljung        A. Kudryashov       
16 L. Madsen        A. Lindbaeck        A. Lebedevs         
17 G. Laguta        V. Milik        L. Madsen        G. Chugunov       
18 J. Kołodziej        J. Kylmaekorpi        A. Thomsen        P. Ljung       
19 K. Kasprzak        A. Lindbaeck        N. Pedersen        A. Kudryashov       
20 H. Andersen        A. Lebedevs        P. Pawlicki        M. Vaculik       
21 L. Madsen        H. Andersen           
22 G. Laguta        A. Lindbaeck        L. Madsen        H. Andersen       
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 50% 20% 20% 10%
2 25% 20% 30% 25%
3 25% 20% 30% 20%
4 10% 50% 20% 25%

Name: Mega-Łada Togliatti
Phone: +7 848 248-12-21


Mototsikletnaya Federatsiya Rossii
Phone: 8 (495) 989 70 78

Airport Samara
Distance: 60 km

 Few interesting facts about the city, object etc.
- Stadium named after Anatoli Stepanov was named as the best speedway object in the world (2011),
- During the first SEC meeting in 2013, Emil Sayfutdinov reached for the triumph. More than a dozen of thousand of fans could sing national Russian anthem that made goose bumps among everyone around,
- Local team is a 12-time Russian Team Champions. What's interesting, between 2001 and 2008 they remained unbeaten,
- Up to 1964, city was called Stavropol upon Volga. It was changed in the honour of a great USSR friend, Italian marxist, Palmiro Togliatti.
- Distance between One Sport headquarters and Togliatti stadium is 2500 km,
- Togliatti with the 720 thousands citizens is a big city, but not a huge one. In that matter, it's situated at 17th place in the Russian Federation,
- Volga, crossing Togliatti is the biggest and the longest Europe's river (more than 3,5 thousand kilometers).

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