Danes with the biggest amount of points in TAURON SEC 2020

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The Danes scored the most points in last year's Individual European Championship series. Poland and Russia also have made it to the podium.

191 points (including points scored in last chance heats) were scored by four riders from Hamlet's homeland: Leon Madsen, Mikkel Michelsen, Nicki Pedersen and Michael Jepsen Jensen. The biggest credit for this result goes to the European Champion 2018. Madsen scored 64 points (72 including the "last chance" heats). This means, that with an efficiency of 2.182 points per heat, the rider from Vejle won in the entire series as much as 48% of the races in which he took part. Mikkel Michelsen and Nicki Pedersen also scored their points. The first mentioned and winner of the TAURON SEC 2019 series took fourth place in general scoring with 48 points in 28 races. Three-time Individual World Champion Niki Pedersen, added 49 points to the result of the Danes. He should be considered as the one with serious bad luck in last year's competition. After a fall in Gniezno Pedersen withdrew from the meeting after two series of racing. High score achieved during the final round of TAURON SEC in Toruń, equaled him with Bartosz Smektala in the final classification, so both ended on the fifth place, which was the last guarantee of participation in this year's competition. The rider who qualified for the start in the European Championships 2021 without participating in qualifying races, was determined through an extra heat which was won by Smektała. Michael Jepsen Jensen would rather like to forget about last year's starts in the TAURON SEC series. With 22 points scored in 25 races, the Junior World Champion 2012 finished as 15th in the final standings.

159 points in TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2020 were scored by Poland's representatives. Bartosz Smektala was the most successful Polish rider, scoring 45 points. This result enabled the 2018 Individual Junior World Champion to take a place in the TOP 5, which guarantees participation in this year's European Championships. The fans certainly had much higher expectations towards the two other Poles, Kacper Woryna and Krzysztof Kasprzak. Woryna, who fought for the medal a year ago, this time took eighth place in the final classification. It is worth to notice that the rider from Rybnik not even once moved up to the final race of any single round.

The third most efficient nation in TAURON SEC 2020 was Russia. Grigory Laguta scored 56 points and Emil Sayfutdinov, who started in Bydgoszcz as a wild card, added 14 points. Last year's competition was very successful for the older of the Laguta brothers. Grigorij stood on the podium three times (in Bydgoszcz, Rybnik and Gniezno) and 52 points scored in the whole series (56 points including the last chance heats) made him won his second bronze medal in TAURON Speedway Euro Championship history. Andrey Kudryashov, who was the lowest ranked rider among those who had a permanent place in last year's competition, added 21 points to the Russian team's result.

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SEC 2021 – The host cities are announced

Bydgoszcz, Güstrow, Rybnik and a still kept secret fourth city will host this year’s Speedway Euro Championship tournament. This time, 4 rounds will be completed within only 28 days.

2013-2020 SEC Summary: Denmark

Denmark is the most successful in the history of the Speedway Euro Championship series in 2013-2020. Riders from this country won nine medals and stood on the podium in almost every edition – in seven of them. Danes won three times the Individual European Championship in the SEC series, they won silver medals four times and bronze twice. Four representatives of this country competed for the title of the best rider in Europe in four seasons, there were three of them on the list of regular participants in 2014, 2015 and 2018 and in 2013 it was two names.

2013-2020 SEC Summary: Poland

The Polish national team from the beginning of the Speedway Euro Championship series, it means from 2013, has always had a large group of regular participants in the stake. Despite such a large presence, it didn’t result in medal achievements, which may be surprising, because riders from this country are always highly rated and members of authorities often repeat that PGE Ekstraliga is "the best league in the world". However, Poles have only won two medals in the SEC cycle so far. The first of them – bronze – was won in 2016 by Krzysztof Kasprzak. Two years later Jaroslaw Hampel took second place and hung a silver medal around his neck. Every year Polish fans could watch three, four or even five (2015) riders with regular numbers from their country in the series.

2013-2020 SEC Summary: Russia

Russia is another country, which achieved a victory in the Speedway Euro Championship. Riders from this country in eight years of competition in the series won two gold medals, to which they added two silver and two bronze. In 2013-2020 Russian representatives have always participated in the fight for the title of European champion. Two Russians defended their country's colors in the SEC cycle for six seasons and three time it was three riders. They won each of their medals in a different year, which meant that they weren’t on the final podium in only two seasons.

2013-2020 SEC Summary: Latvia

A representative of Latvia appeared quite often among the regular participants in the Speedway Euro Championship series in 2013-2020. This situation took place for five seasons – two riders from this country fought for the title of the best in Europe once and four times it was one rider. Despite the fact that Latvians have never been favorites in this series, one of them managed to win the Individual European Championship. Of course it was Andzejs Lebedevs, who defended his country's colors in the SEC cycle five times, winning the gold medal in the 2017 season.

Danes with the biggest amount of points in TAURON SEC 2020

The Danes scored the most points in last year's Individual European Championship series. Poland and Russia also have made it to the podium.

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