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Leon Madsen won the second round of TAURON Speedwya Euro Championship, held on Saturday's evening in Torun (Poland). Dane topped the podium, leaving Grigorii Laguta, Kacper Woryna and Nicki Pedersen behind.

After the round in Guestrow, it was Grigorii Laguta who had come to Torun with a leader's golden jacket. Russian rider had had a three-point advantage over second – Bartosz Smektała and four points over Leon Madsen and Antonio Lindbaeck.

Meeting started from jumping a gun, because in the first heat of the day, Paweł Przedpełski made a start way quicker than the referee pressed the button. In the second attempt, Kacper Woryna grabbed the win and in the first series of starts, „threes" appeared next to Leon Madsen, Jarosław Hampel and Adrian Miedzinski. Series' leader – Laguta had a tumble, so it all started with some bad luck for him.

Second series of starts delivered with some another emotions and overtakes. Unfortunately, we had a dramatic situation in heat no.10. On the second corner, Leon Madsen couldn't hold his bike and hit Anders Thomsen, who moreover got hit from Robert Lambert's bike as well.

Ambulances went quickly to track and paramedics did not hold back with taking a stretcher out. After a short while, Lambert came back to the pits on his own. However, Thomsen did not have this much luck and left Motoarena in an ambulance. In the heat's repeat, David Bellego fell after a contact with Jakub Miśkowiak.

In the overall classification, it got really tight and last series of starts was about to bring up the heat. In fact, every rider from position 1 to 9 was able to go through to the race-off heat. Main series was ultimately won by Leon Madsen, who did not feel a taste of a loss and only exclusion made him not piling up a maximum points.
Another Danish rider got also straight to the final – Nicki Pedersen. In the race-off heat we had Laguta, Miedzinski, Woryna and Hampel, who advanced after 2 points piled in his last heat.

In the race-off heat, it was „Grisha" leading the stake, with Woryna and Hampel battling for the second position. Miedzinski, on the other hand, did not have much to say in this heat. After all, it was Woryna getting the second position.

Final heat was a real icing on the cake. From the very beginning, Madsen got the lead and Woryna was fighting hard to prevent Laguta overtaking him, but Russian rider finally made it in the third lap. Even though he was making mistakes, Pole wasn't able to got in front of him and had to enjoy still a great third position.

After two rounds, Grigorii Laguta remained the leader, with 27 points, having one-point advantage over Leon Madsen. Nicki Pedersen and Bartosz Smektała, both with 19 points, hold third position.

Next round of TAURON SEC is planned on August 10th in Vojens (Denmark). Peter Kildemand will race with the wild card. Frederik Jakobsen and Andreas Lyager will be track reserves.


1. Leon Madsen (Denmark) 15 (3,3,w,3,3,3)
2. Grigorij Łaguta (Russia) 12 (u,3,3,3,1,2)
3. Kacper Woryna (Poland) 10 (3,1,1,1,3,1)
4. Nicki Pedersen (Denmark) 11 (2,d,3,3,3,0)
5. Adrian Miedziński (Poland) 9 (3,2,3,1,w)
6. Jarosław Hampel (Poland) 8 (3,3,0,0,2)
7. Mikkel Michelsen (Denmark) (1,0,1,3,3)
8. Robert Lambert (Great Britain) (2,1,3,2,0)
9. Paweł Przedpełski (Poland) (2,2,1,1,2)
10. Bartosz Smektała (Poland) (2,1,2,0,2)
11. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark) (1,0,2,2,1)
12. Kai Huckenbeck (Germany) (0,0,2,1,2)
13. (R1) Jakub Miśkowiak (Poland) (2,2,1)
14. David Bellego (France) (1,3,w,-,-)
15. Vaclav Milik (Czech Republic) (0,2,0,2,0)
16. Anders Thomsen (Denmark) (1,2,u/-,-,-)
17. Antonio Lindbaeck (Sweden) (0,1,0,0,1)
18. (R2) Igor Kopeć-Sobczyński (Poland) (0,0)

Heat after heat:

1. Woryna, Przedpełski, Bellego, Lindbaeck
2. Madsen, Pedersen, Michelsen, Łaguta (u)
3. Hampel, Smektała, Thomsen, Huckenbeck
4. Miedziński, Lambert, Jepsen Jensen, Milik
5. Madsen, Miedziński, Woryna, Huckenbeck
6. Bellego, Milik, Smektała, Pedersen (d)
7. Hampel, Przedpełski, Lambert, Michelsen
8. Łaguta, Thomsen, Lindbaeck, Jepsen Jensen
9. Pedersen, Jepsen Jensen, Woryna, Hampel
10. Lambert, Miśkowiak, Bellego (w), Madsen (w)
11. Łaguta, Huckenbeck, Przedpełski, Milik
12. Miedziński, Smektała, Michelsen, Lindbaeck
13. Michelsen, Milik, Woryna, Kopeć-Sobczyński
14. Łaguta, Miśkowiak, Miedziński, Hampel
15. Madsen, Jepsen Jensen, Przedpełski, Smektała
16. Pedersen, Lambert, Huckenbeck, Lindbaeck
17. Woryna, Smektała, Łaguta, Lambert
18. Michelsen, Huckenbeck, Jepsen Jensen, Kopeć-Sobczyński
19. Pedersen, Przedpełski, Miśkowiak, Miedziński (w)
20. Madsen, Hampel, Lindbaeck, Milik

Last chance heat: Łaguta, Woryna, Hampel, Miedziński

Final: Madsen, Łaguta, Woryna, Pedersen

SEC News
Surprises and disappointments after two rounds of TAURON SEC

We are now after two final rounds of this year's Individual European Championships, which took place on 4th of July in Toruń and 8th of July in Bydgoszcz. After two out of five tournaments the top is slowly clearing up, but there are also riders who were hoping for much more. Who surprised and who failed the most?

Madsen wins in Bydgoszcz. Dane is the new leader of the cycle

The second, extremely exciting round of the Tauron SEC 2020 series is behind us. The beautiful stadium in Bydgoszcz with its brand new tribune and fantastic racing - that's what we have seen today. Leon Madsen is the winner of today’s meeting. The Dane showed cold blood in the final heat once again.


 On 8 July, the best speedway riders of the Old Continent will appear at the Municipal Stadium in Bydgoszcz to fight for the next points of the Individual European Championships. After the first round in Toruń, the point differences in the interim classification are small, so tomorrow's competition promises to be very interesting. Tickets for the second round of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship cycle can only be purchased online, through

Strong impact from the Danes on Motoarena

 The inauguration of this year's competition for the Individual European Championship is behind us. This season there are four Danes in the regular line-up and during the final round, starting the battle, representatives of this country clearly marked their presence, taking high places.

Madsen: Torun is my lucky place

Leon Madsen won the first round of this year's TAURON Speedway Euro Championship. In Toruń, the Dane took the top of the podium, but he’s third in the interim classification.

Michelsen: I made a lot of mistakes

Championship title defender, Mikkel Michelsen took sixth place in the first round of TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2020 in Toruń. The Dane scored 10 points, but as he said, his result was far behind his expectations.

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