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Andrzejs Lebedevs: In TAURON SEC I can do everything

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 Season 2018 is very difcult for Andrzejs Lebedevs. Latvian did not have good start and cannot solve his problems. As he said, now everything is becoming better and better.

 It’s tough to recognize, but we’re in the middle of the season. How you can judge your results?

- There is no as bad rating as I have to give to myself. Everything went bad this year. Of course, now we’re trying to improve everything. It’s normal, that sometimes there are difcult moments, but everybody needs to pass through it.

Is your bad dispostion caused by your bikes or it's just a bad form?

- It seems that I have problems within my head. Physically I’m well prepared, as every year. This time I just lost a fght with my thoughts. The most difcult problem to solve is work with my brain, but I’m trying to control it.

This year you will defend the title against 14 very strong riders. Who do you think has the most chances to take it from you?

I don’t think about that. I just want to do my best and I won’t look back. I don’t want to be an expert and say who will be the best. For me, everybody is strong enough to do it, but speedway is a sport, where most important is form of the day. Everybody can have best day ever and also everybody can hav a some bad luck. For sure, I will try to defend th title.

If you started talking about your goals, please tell us what can you do in TAURON SEC 2018?

- I can do everything what I want. I belive, that I can take best positions. Last year lineup wasn’t as good, but nobody said that I can win. There were Łaguta, Milik, Kasprzak. I wasn’t the favourite, but I proved that I can ride on the highest level. I’m not scared and I believe that I can defend the title.


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Robert Lambert won the second round of TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2018, which was held in Güstrow. Brit presented a fabulous knowing of German track and got his first triumph in the Individual Speedway Euro Championship.

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Robert Lambert was the best in second TAURON Speedway Euro Championship round. Leon Madsen was second, Mikkel Michelsen third.

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