Natalia - age 23, 172 cm, 54 kg, eyes color beer eyes, Leszno, Poland

SEC Girl - challenge or fun?
From the beginning a challenge, currently great fun. Starting "work" as a Grid Girl in the Unia Leszno club in 2014, I wasn\'t completely convinced whether it suited it. From an early age, I was afraid of public appearances and each recital contest or any other performances involving a larger public made me shiver. As of today, I can confidently say that it is thanks to this work that I gained courage and self-confidence.
The first thought when someone says "speedway"?
Motorcycles, emotions, competition - in one opinion - will happen!
Favorite rider?
It depends on what to consider ... The style of being, character or ride and achievements and I really like Tobias Musielak seriously.
Why did You decide to be the SEC Girl?
It was a very spontaneous decision, so it's hard to say
Your way to relieve stress?
Smile! In harder times, knocking nails.

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