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TAURON SEC 2023 calendar is revealed

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Częstochowa, Güstrow, Bydgoszcz and Pardubice will host the 2023 TAURON Speedway Euro Championship series. The competition for the gold medal of the Individual European Championship will begin on June 17, and the final round will be held on September 22.

The TAURON Speedway Euro Championship is a four-round series of tournaments for the title of Individual European Champion. The riders will compete during 88 races, after which one of them will receive the gold medal and the trophy for the best speedway rider of the Old Continent.

We already know the five riders who secured their participation in TAURON SEC 2023 during last year's series. The title of Individual European Champion will be defended by Leon Madsen, who a year ago, stood on the highest step of the podium of the competition for the second time in his career. Also competing will be riders who finished from 2nd to 5th - Janusz Kołodziej, Mikkel Michelsen, Patryk Dudek and Dominik Kubera.

The remaining places will be up to take in the qualifying rounds in Terenzano (25.04), Daugavpils (29.04), Mureck (1.05) and Debrecen (1.05). The qualification final - the SEC Challenge - will be held on May 14 in Nagyhalasz.

The first final of the struggle for the title of Individual European Champion will take place on June 17 in Częstochowa, which returns to the calendar after a nine-year break. The first, and so far last, SEC round in the city was held on 19 September 2014, with Grigory Laguta winning that day and Emil Sayfutdinov taking the gold medal for winning the series.

The second of this year's final rounds will take place on August 5 in Güstrow, Germany. The local stadium regularly hosts Europe's best riders and will host the eighth final in the series' history in 2023. Previously, the TAURON SEC was contested there in 2014, 2016-2019 and 2021-2022.

The third round will be held - just like the first - in Poland. This time the host will be Bydgoszcz. Two previous rounds held at the local stadium (2020-2021) were full of great races, so the organizers are hoping that thousands of fans will watch the rivalry on September 9.

The grand final of the TAURON SEC 2023 will be held on September 22 in Pardubice. A year ago at the Plochodrážní Stadion Svítkov, Leon Madsen reached for the second Individual European Championship gold of his career. The competition at the legendary venue was extremely exciting, and this is best evidenced by the fact that the fate of the gold medal was decided in the last race of the entire series.

TAURON SEC 2023 schedule:
1. Qualifying round – Terenzano (Italy), April 25
2. Qualifying round – Mureck (Austria), May 1
3. Qualifying round – Debrecen (Hungary), May 1
4. Qualifying round – Daugavpils (Latvia), April 29

SEC Challenge – Nagyhalász (Hungary), May 14

1. Final – Częstochowa (Poland), June 17
2. Final – Güstrow (Germany), August 5
3. Final – Bydgoszcz (Poland), September 9
4. Final – Pardubice (Czech Rep), September 22

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