Kołodziej: I hate tracks like this

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Janusz Kołodziej won the silver medal of Individual European Championship. The representative of Poland came to Pardubice as the leader of the interim classification, but finished the series with only one point behind Leon Madsen.

After three series of racing, it seemed like Kołodziej is on the right path to the title. The Pole increased his advantage over Madsen, but what's more, he was efficient on track.

The first duel between two main candidates for the title was held in heat 17, in which Madsen crossed the finish line as first, while Kołodziej was second. At this moment, both got the same amount of points in the interim classification, but none of them advanced directly to the final. In heat 22 were Mikkel Michelsen and Dominik Kubera.

Before the 'last chance' heat, Kołodziej took gate A, while Madsen choose B. The Dane 'closed the door' to Kołodziej and was on the lead for the whole race, while Kołodziej took the third place and didn't advance to the final.

- The track was really hard. I thought, Pardubice is always full of the loose surface, but not this time. I hate tracks like this and I can't find the optimal set-ups for them. Starting gates were also hard, so I was tuned in for fighting at the distance. I couldn't do much more and just lost by one point.

Finally, Leon Madsen stood up on the highest step of the podium, while Janusz Kołodziej gained the silver medal of Individual European Championship.

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Kołodziej fastest in Pardubice

Janusz Kołodziej was the fastest rider of the final round of TAURON SEC, which was held in Pardubice. The Pole reached a top speed of 121 km/h in heat 6.

Quickest reaction from Michelsen

Mikkel Michelsen achieved the best reaction time during the final round of TAURON SEC, which was held in Pardubice last Friday. The newly crowned European Champion showed off his phenomenal reflexes in the last race of the day.

Madsen with the best heat time

Leon Madsen recorded the best race time of the fourth round of TAURON SEC, which took place in Pardubice last Friday. The Dane accomplished this in his second start of the night.

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