Who performed best in Güstrow?

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The TAURON SEC series will come to Güstrow for the seventh time in its history. The German track is considered to be a technical one, characterized by the unusual position of the starting machine, which is not in the middle of the starting straight. Let's find out, who stood up on the podium in Gustrow in recent years.

The first time the series came to Güstrow was on 6 July 2014. The meeting was won by Nicki Pedersen, who in the final heat crossed the finish line ahead of Janusz Kołodziej, Peter Kildemand and Tomasz Gollob.

The German oval returned to the calendar in 2016. The event, which ended after 20 races, was won by Martin Vaculik. Krzysztof Kasprzak and locals favourite Kai Huckenbeck also stood on the podium.

Kasprzak stood on the podium in Güstrow once again, during the second round of SEC 2017. Artiom Laguta finished as the first, second was the later champion - Andzejs Lebedevs, while the aforementioned representative of Poland stood on the lowest step of the podium.

Interestingly, the line-up of riders in the top three positions completely changed in 2018. After an exciting final race, Robert Lambert grabbed his first win in the Individual European Championship. Leon Madsen crossed the line just behind the Brit, and the podium was completed by another Dane, Mikkel Michelsen.

The following season, the inaugural round of the competition for the title of Individual European Champion held in Güstrow was won by Grigory Laguta. Once again, the second step of the podium was taken by defending champion Leon Madsen and Bartosz Smektała finished third.

Güstrow returned on the TAURON SEC calendar in 2021. The one-year break was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant that all rounds of the 2020 competition were held in Poland. A year ago, the fastest was Piotr Pawlicki, who reached the finish line in the final race ahead of Leon Madsen, Patryk Dudek and Bartosz Smektała.

From the perspective of this year's line-up, Leon Madsen has the best experience from the special venue in Güstrow. The Dane has been on the podium in the last three rounds held on this track. Moreover, after his recent victory in Rybnik, 2018 Champion will be one of the main candidates for victory.

The second round of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2022 will take place in Güstrow on August 6. Tickets are available at bit.ly/Gustrow_Tickets and www.speedwayeuro.com.

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