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Telemetry in the TAURON SEC

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Maximum speeds reached by the riders, precise lap times and much more unique information will be provided to fans watching the broadcasts from the TAURON SEC 2022. The organizers decided to use telemetry to make the competition even more attractive. The first opportunity to use the system will come this Saturday.

Telemetry is the novelty for the Individual European Championship series. For months, it has been successfully used in the Polish Ekstraliga to gather information on the riders performances and to help resolve arguable situations.

Courtesy of the Speedway Ekstraliga, telemetry will be used for the first time during the upcoming competition in Rybnik. The data will include reaction times, the exact times of all riders, the speeds, the distance covered, the number of overtakes, and a photo finish to decide which rider was the first to cross the finish line.

The additional information will be a valuable source of data for the riders and their teams. What's more, it will enhance the TV coverage with a handful of unique statistics.

The telemetry will be used during all rounds of this year's TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2022, which will take place in Rybnik (Saturday), Güstrow (August 6), Łódź (September 3) and Pardubice (September 23).

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Busy weekend for TAURON SEC riders

The speedway season is now in full swing, with riders kicking into high gear. This past weekend was particularly eventful for the three regular participants of the TAURON SEC 2024 series.

TAURON SEC riders started the season

Last weekend was marked by the first tournaments held on Polish tracks. Both Saturday and Sunday in Częstochowa and Bydgoszcz saw competition from four of the five riders who will start in the upcoming TAURON SEC series.

The ticket sales for the round in Grudziądz have begun

On Monday, March 25th, a press conference was held in Grudziądz, announcing the start of ticket sales for the second round of TAURON SEC 2024. The competition is scheduled for July 20th.

TAURON SEC for the first time in Hungary

The European Indidvidual Speedway Championships will begin in a little less than 90 days. This year's inaugural event will take place in Debrecen. The TAURON SEC is a major event for both the city of 200,000 inhabitants and the entire sporting community in Hungary. 

Promotional offer on tickets

International Women's Day is just around the corner. Make a special gift for the ones you love by buying tickets for the final round of the TAURON SEC 2024 rivalry at an even lower price than usual!

The Brits in TAURON SEC

In all the rounds of the Speedway Euro Championship held to this day, we watched four representatives of Great Britain. We checked how they did in the championship of the Old Continent.

TAURON SEC 2023 Round 4: Pardubice
TAURON SEC 2023 Round 3: Bydgoszcz
TAURON SEC 2023 Round 2: Güstrow
TAURON SEC 2023 Round 1: Częstochowa
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