One month to go - SEC before Rzeszow final round

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A press conference was held on Thursday at the Hilton Garden Inn, in Rzeszow, Poland, about the final round of the Speedway European Championship (SEC), which is going to be staged in Rzeszow on the 29th September 2013.

The SEC organisers, One Sport, are optimistic about the final round, and are positive about the cooperation from the local club.

“We are extremely pleased that the SEC Final round will be held in Rzeszow. From the very beginning when we started working on the project, Marta Poltorak was very involved in our idea and supported it before the world had even heard of us. This is of great value to us, the trust and goodwill we have received here is invaluable and in return we want repay with speedway of the highest level, because the city and the local fans deserve that. We want to provide a spectacular show worthy of the European Championship. Certainly the fight for the title will continue to the very end, because that is how we devised the 4 round Championship formula, making it possible for many riders to fight for medals to the very end. This is where the most important results will be recorded”, says Karol Lejman of One Sport.

Marta Poltorak, president of PGE Marma Polskie Folie Rzeszow, makes no secret of the fact that organizing the last round of the SEC is a great honour for the local club, but also a challenge of the highest calibre.
“We are impressed with how the SEC events in Gdansk (PL) and Togliatti (RUS) came across on Eurosport. We would like to show our stadium and the city to the World in the same impressive way. Work on the organization for the final round of the Speedway European Championship has been going on for many weeks and I can promise fans that on 29th September they will experience an unforgettable show both on and off the track. The idea, the concept of how it should look, has been in our minds all year and I am confident we will rise to the occasion and please fans both in the stadium, and in front of TV in 71 countries around the World”.

Jan Konikiewicz, representative of One Sport, pointed out that the SEC is now at the halfway stage and that within a month, the competition for a ground-breaking European Championship comes to an end.
“We started the season wanting to improve the looks of the weary environment of speedway, not just in Poland, but in all of Europe. Pressure was, and is, enormous, but we strive to fulfil all of our goals 100% and continue on the path to success.
Now we are going to Croatia where on the 14th September Gorican will determine the order in the fight for silverware before the final showdown at Rzeszow. We want the SEC to finish with the icing on the cake, both the organization and also hopefully the grandstands in Rzeszow will be full to capacity.
We invite you all to the Podkarpacie region at the end of the month – we are confident that it will be an extraordinary evening for all of us”.

During the press conference it was announced that SEC was under honorary patronage of the Minister of Sport and Tourism, Joanna Mucha, which undoubtedly increases the prestige of the event and adds to its importance.
“We want the SEC to be a common interest for the nation, as an event which unites and moves the Polish Speedway environment to underline the strength that Poland and the Polish riders that take part, have in the sport, not just in Poland, but in all of Europe”, said representatives of One Sport on the decision of the minister.

As has been the case with the entire SEC series, the final in Rzeszow will be broadcast live to 71 countries via Eurosport. These relationships have an additional advantage for city-organisers who can present the advantages of the region to the whole World.
“After two rounds of the Speedway European Championship we are very happy with the results so far. We are pleased that shale sport enters new territories through our station and is being increasingly better received by audiences across Europe. It is worth noting that the broadcasts of the events at the highest level are an excellent promotional tool for cities and regions, which has previously been used by Gdansk and Togliatti”, says Radek Jaworski, director of communication, Eurosport Poland.

The meeting in Rzeszow will take place on Sunday 29th September at 19:00 CET. Tickets go on sale Monday 2nd September at and Eventim sales points in Poland (including Empik, Media Markt, and Saturn lounges).

Ticket prices:
The new Grandstand:
45 zl normal, 35 zl reduced

The old Grandstand:
Sector 1-6: 45 zl normal, 35 zl reduced
Sector 7-8: 70 zl normal, 60 zl reduced
Sector 9-10: 45 zl normal, 35zl reduced
Sector 11-14: 25 zl normal, 20 zl reduced

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