Individual Europe Championships gained new quality. Instead of a one-day final, the best speedway riders of the Old Continent will compete for the title, medals and money prize in a series of four final tournaments - in Torun, Landshut, Kumla and Ostrow Wielkopolski. And all this can be followed live on Eurosport TV.

One Sport company - organizer Speedway Euro Championship - invited to participate in the competition Tomasz Gollob, Andreas Jonsson, Emil Sayfutdinov. In the previous edition of promotion directly obtained : Martin Vaculik, Nicki Pedersen and Grigory Laguta.

In 2013 European Championships was organized according to new rules for the first time. Exciting fight of the best riders in Europe encouraged thousands of fans to the stadiums and millions of them in front of TVs. Surely it can be stated that SEC was accepted both by fans and riders.


-> Purse for each round is 66 000 EUR

-> All riders are starting on the same financial conditions. Their prize depends on the points scored in heats 1-20 and Final (heat 22), based on the following rules:

• 450 EUR starting fee
• 450 EUR / paid per point
• 650 EUR / paid per point in the FINAL

-> points in the 'last chance heat' are not paid and they are not counted in SEC General classification
->  maximum earning is 10.500 EUR per even



TAURON SEC 2022 Round 4: Pardubice
TAURON SEC 2022 Round 3: Łódź
TAURON SEC 2022 Round 2: Guestrow
TAURON SEC 2022 Round 1: Rybnik
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