The summary of SEC 2014

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 Emil Sayfutdinov became the new European Champion and he won third medal for Russia. Because it is the end the season we would like to invite to have a look at some statistics and curiosities. Do you want to know more? These are Speedway European Championships 2014 essentials!

 - Most individual wins had the new European Champion, Emil Sayfutdinov (14)

- Sayfutdinov started 25 times and he never was last. He was excluded because of crash twice.

- The best rider who was riding with a wild card was Niels Kristian Iversen – he scored 10 points

- Grigorij Laguta started in one tournament and he scored more points than Jonas Davidsson, Kenni Larsen and Martin Smolinski in the whole series

- Maksims Bogdanovs started in the whole series as a reserved and was very close to stay in the series. He missed only four points to qualify

- Only one heat of SEC 2014 was won by Martin Smolinski, Kenni Larsen and Adrian Miedziński

- Jonas Davidsson had the same score twice

- The oldest rider of the series was Tomasz Gollob (he is 44 years old)

- The best average has Grigorij Laguta (2,83)

- The worst average from the full – time riders in the series has Kenni Larsen (0,74)

- Last year European Champion, Martin Vaculik was fourth with 41 points

- Two tournaments of SEC were won by Nicki Pedersen (Gustrow and Togliatti)

- Clearly better second part of the season had Jurica Pavlic who scored 31 points in the whole season, 19 in the last two tournaments

- Most points in one tournaments scored Grigorij Laguta (17)

- The only riders who didn’t score any point during this year’s SEC were Kai Huckenbeck (Gustrow) and Artur Czaja (Częstochowa)

- The only rider who started in all last chance heats was Peter Kildemand. What is interesting three times he qualified to the final

- Gold medal of Emil Sayfutdinov is third the most valuable medal in Individual European Championship for Russia

- Peter Kildemand and Nicki Pedersen who won silver and bronze medals increased the achievements of their countries to seven medals

- Poland, with 13 medals, is still the leader of medal classification

- So far Nicki Pedersen is the only rider who scored two medals since the moment when European Championship was refreshed

- Emil Sayfutdinov, Peter Kildemand, Nicki Pedersen, Martin Vaculik and Janusz Kołodziej are sure of riding in SEC 2015

- Adrian Miedziński was excluded the most often (3)

- The highest starting number in SEC 2014 had Kenni Larsen - #313

- After the first round of SEC in Gustrow we had two leaders of general classification. Nicki Pedersen and Janusz Kołodziej scored then 14 points

- Only Grigorij Laguta had the most points while he was winning the tournament. In other cases the winners had worse or the same scores as the best riders

- Jurica Pavlic (in Gustrow) and Martin Smolinski (in Częstochowa) had one tape each

- For the first time in the history there were tournaments in four different countries

- This year’s SEC girls were: Marta, Weronika, Martyna, Marta and Sinem


SEC News
Michelsen: Hard work pays off

Mikkel Michelsen became the Individual European Champion 2021. In Rybnik, cheered by the local audience, the Dane reached for his second career title.

Madsen: I will win the title again

By winning the SEC 2021 silver medal, Leon Madsen equalled Nicki Pedersen's achievement and reached for his fourth consecutive SEC medal. In Rybnik the Dane stood on the highest step of the podium, but in the general classification he lost two points to Mikkel Michelsen.

Dudek: It wasn’t easy

Patryk Dudek won the bronze medal of the 2021 European Speedway Championships. In Rybnik the Polish rider made up lost points and led to an extra heat in which he defeated Piotr Pawlicki.

Hansen: I learned a lot

Patrick Hansen finished on 12th position in the Speedway Euro Championship 2021. The Dane insists that competing against Europe's best riders is a good lesson for him for the future.

Bellego: I always want more

For David Bellego the competition in Rybnik was the first in this year's cycle of Speedway Euro Championship. Due to an injury, the Frenchman couldn’t take part in previous rounds, but during Saturday's competition he presented himself from a very good side.

Lambert: It's a pleasure to be part of the SEC

Last year's SEC winner Robert Lambert finished seventh in the general classification of this year's competition and that means did not secure his spot for the next year’s series. The Briton stresses that he has struggled since the beginning of the cycle.

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