Lebedevs the main candidate to gold according to Frątczak

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 After two rounds of SEC 2017 series, there’s extremely tight in the table. Meeting in Hallstavik is ahead and it can tell us a lot. We asked Jacek Frątczak – new manager of the Get Well Toruń team about his bets for Saturday.

 Currently, it’s Andzejs Lebedevs, who’s holding a leader’s position. Latvian rider has clearly made his aspirations to reach for gold and his spectacular racing this season is its natural consequence.

- Naturally, we don’t know how it’s gonna end, that’s how sport goes, but it looks like this boy caught a phenomenal form. Usually, when you have a good material, you add some proper equipment and work the pre-season time well, then it’s not a surprise that Andzjes is such a huge surprise of not only the PGE Ekstraliga, but also one of the main candidates to win the European Championship. Nothing, however announces any bad changes, so it should be fine in Hallstavik – Jacek Frątczak says.

All the guys behind, however are only waiting for his mistake. In the previous round, it was Artem Laguta grabbing the win and he sent a clear signal – „you have to count me in” in the game for gold. It’s just similar with Vaclav Milik, but Polish fans are still looking forward to their fellow countrymen joining this group.

- Artem is pure class, there should be no troubles with him. I also see him in the final of Hallstavik round. I’m sure he’ll end in the top. Never though, I’m still staying with my statement that Przemysław Pawlicki, who’s coming back after an injury, should also get a good result. Poles have been dominating speedway this year and also Krzysztof Kasprzak seems like found a good rhythm. In Güstrow, he had a bit of luck, because while having not so many points, he still ended on a high position. I’m surprised with his racing in UK, though. If only he finds a proper setups, have a good disposition of the day, he also can fight for some top spots in Sweden. I see him in the TOP 6 – Frątczak says.

Podium should be completed with silver medalist from the last year. Popular „Vasek” is not willing to end the series with nothing in his hands.

- I have a big sentyment for Vaclav Milik. His presence in the top makes us happy, because it spreads a speedway map. Sometimes, flops happen, but in the decisive moments, he’s capable of doing anyghing. TOP 6 goes for sure for Milik, but it can be too tight for him to stand on the podium. Day’s disposition and a bit of luck will be crucial – Frątczak thinks.

By the decision of organizers, „wild card” was given to Jacob Thorssell. According to Toruń’s coach, Thorssell can also make a big surprise.

- He’s a very interesting rider, however when it comes to the league meetings, I’ve expected a bit more from him. Jacob is a hard-working guy. He’s extremely ambitious with a great technique. Even though he’s not the youngest guy, if he’s about to start more in the Polish league, it will bring effets. Marek Cieślak gave him a feeling of comfort. In Hallstavik, however, in this specific conditions, he can gain an advantage over the others. I think he can be a „dark horse” of this round – Frątczak ends.

Third round of Speedway Euro Championship comes on August 5th in Hallstavik. Tickets for this round are available here: www.bit.ly/SEC_HALLSTAVIK.

Final of this year’s SEC will take place in Lublin on September 16th. Tickets are available: www.bit.ly/SEC_LUBLIN.

Official starting list for the SEC 2017 Round 3 in Hallstavik, 5.08.2017, 5:00 p.m.:

1. Przemysław Pawlicki #59 (Poland)
2. Artem Laguta #2 (Russia)
3. Andrey Kudryashov #9 (Russia)
4. Vaclav Milik #13 (Czech Republic)
5. Leon Madsen #66 (Denmark)
6. Mikkel Bech #177 (Denmark)
7. Martin Smolinski #84 (Germany)
8. Mateusz Szczepaniak #58 (Poland)
9. Adrian Miedziński #20 (Poland)
10. Jacob Thorssell #16 (Sweden)
11. Krzysztof Kasprzak #507 (Poland)
12. Andreas Jonsson #100 (Sweden)
13. Michael Jepsen Jensen #52 (Denmark)
14. Kenneth Bjerre #91 (Denmark)
15. Kacper Gomólski #44 (Poland)
16. Andzejs Lebedevs #129 (Latvia)
17. Pontus Aspgren (Sweden)
18. Kenny Wennerstam (Sweden)



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Vaclav Milik won the third round of Speedway Euro Championship 2017, which took place in Hallstavik. For Czech rider, it was his first win in SEC series ever. Currently, „Vacek” is 4 points down from Andzejs Lebedevs, who leads the classification.

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 Vaclav Milik was the best in third Speedway Europ Championship round, which took place in Hallstavik. Next places on podium took Andrei Lebedev and Andreas Jonsson. Latvian is still the leader of the general clasification.

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