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Madsen dethroned! Lambert’s victory in Gniezno

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 Robert Lambert won in the third round (fourth general) of this year's Individual European Championship, which took place in Gniezno. The tournament, which will decide about the final classification and splitting medals, will be held on 29th of July at Motoarena in Toruń.

In the final heat of the day, Lahti had the best gating, but after a very ambitious fight on the distance, he was overtaken by the Brit, Robert Lambert. The Russian Grigorij Laguta stood on the lowest step of the podium in Gniezno and Krzysztof Kasprzak took the fourth place and redeemed himself after his bad performance in the previous round in Rybnik.

Robert Lambert did very well in the competition in the historical first capital city of Poland. The Brit lost only one point in the regular phase of the meeting and moved directly up into the grand final. The second was Finn Timo Lahti, which could be considered as a big surprise, especially after his poor performance in Rybnik (16th place). The fight for promotion to the race-off lasted until the end of the regular series. Grigorij Laguta, Krzysztof Kasprzak, Bartosz Smektała and Leon Madsen finally qualified for it and the first two got the promotion to the grand finale. The former leader of the classification had some problems during the main series and finally he was promoted to the race-off after heat no. 20.

- The track is not easy. There are a lot of ruts on it, so you have to be very careful while riding it. In the second part of the competition I started to do better. I certainly could have been a bit tired as the two final rounds were going on day by day. We traveled at night, but I managed to rest and sleep before the Thursday competition - said Leon Madsen during the tournament.

Before the final round in Toruń, Lambert is at the top of the interim classification ahead of Madsen by two points and Grigorij Laguta by nine. The battle for the gold medal, which will be crucial for the final triumph in TAURON SEC 2020, promises to be extremely interesting.

1. Robert Lambert 17 (2,3,3,3,3,3)
2. Timo Lahti 14 (3,3,1,3,2,2)
3. Grigorij Łaguta 11 (2,1,2,3,2,1)
4. Krzysztof Kasprzak 9 (1,1,3,1,3,0)
5. Bartosz Smektała 9 (3,0,3,1,2)
6. Leon Madsen 9 (1,2,2,3,1)
7. Patryk Dudek 8 (3,0,3,2,0)
8. Mikkel Michelsen 8 (3,2,0,0,3)
9. Michael Jepsen Jensen 7 (0,2,2,2,1)
10. David Bellego 6 (1,3,0,2,0)
11. Peter Ljung 6 (2,3,0,1,0)
12. Václav Milík 6 (2,1,1,1,1)
13. Andrey Kudryashov 5 (0,2,1,0,2)
14. Kacper Woryna 5 (1,1,2,0,1)
15. Oskar Fajfer 3 (0,3)
16. Kai Huckenbeck 3 (0,0,1,2,0)
17. Nicki Pedersen 0 (0,EX,-,-,-)
18. Adrian Gała 0 (0,T)

Heat by heat:
1. Lahti, Milík, Kasprzak, Kudryashov
2. Dudek, Ljung, Woryna, Huckenbeck
3. Smektała, Lambert, Bellego, Jepsen Jensen
4. Michelsen, Laguta, Madsen, Pedersen
5. Bellego, Michelsen, Milík, Huckenbeck
6. Ljung, Madsen, Kasprzak, Smektała
7. Lambert, Kudryashov, Woryna, Pedersen (W/SU)
8. Lahti, Jepsen Jensen, Laguta, Dudek
9. Lambert, Laguta, Milík, Ljung
10. Kasprzak, Jepsen Jensen, Huckenbeck, Gała
11. Dudek, Madsen, Kudryashov, Bellego
12. Smektała, Woryna, Lahti, Michelsen
13. Madsen, Jepsen Jensen, Milík, Woryna
14. Lambert, Dudek, Kasprzak, Michelsen
15. Laguta, Huckenbeck, Smektała, Kudryashov
16. Lahti, Bellego, Ljung, Fajfer
17. Fajfer, Smektała, Milík, Dudek
18. Kasprzak, Laguta, Woryna, Bellego
19. Michelsen, Kudryashov, Jepsen Jensen, Ljung
20. Lambert, Lahti, Madsen, Huckenbeck

Kasprzak, Laguta, Smektała, Madsen

Lambert, Lahti, Laguta, Kasprzak

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