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Bellego: My main goal is to win Individual European Championship

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 – It will be your second season in a row in the fight for the Individual European Championship. Have you been surprised by this nomination?

– Honestly, I was very happy about it, because last year I had some good races in the Tauron Speedway Euro Championship. I shouldn't say that I was unlucky, but in Toruń I broke my collarbone, when I raced really well. Because of this I missed one final in Vojens. The series has four final rounds, so it’s bad to miss one of them. Earlier I was doing well in Güstrow, but I had a fall with Nicki Pedersen. I was excluded, so I didn't get to the race off heat, for which I only needed one more point. I’m glad that I will be able to compete in this series again. I know what I can and I want to prove it in the Individual European Championships. Last year I gained some experience, especially in Chorzów. I raced on the “one day” track for the first time in my career. Indoor tracks are very different, when we are comparing it to normal ovals. There will be no this kind of track this year. I learned a lot then. Although I wasn’t doing well, I tried everything to be faster, but it didn’t worked. I learned a lesson from last season, I hope this year will bring results. I am very happy to be a part of this year's Speedway Euro Championship.

– As you mentioned, last season wasn’t very fortunate for you. You achieved the best result in Güstrow, then the crash in Toruń, missed round in Vojens and the performance in Chorzów at the end. Finally you have taken 15th place in the series. What are your goals for this season – the top eight, maybe five, guaranteeing spot in next season or even higher?

– When you race at the Individual European Championships, you just want to be a champion. That is why we all are here and of course this is my main goal. I would also be very happy to be in the top five, thanks to which I would qualify directly to the SEC for the next season. When we race in any championships – world or Europe – our goal is final victory. If it were otherwise, we would have no reason to be here. So obviously my main goal is the Individual European Championship, but I know it will be very tough. I will also be happy with the place in the top five, because then I would not have to fight in qualifying rounds in the next season.

– A few words about this year's tracks. You will compete in Toruń, Gniezno, Rybnik and Bydgoszcz, where you will also ride in polish 1st Division.

– I have already raced in Gniezno, of course I also performed in Toruń last year. I also had meetings in Bydgoszcz before and in Rybnik I have ridden a few years ago. It's good that all final rounds will take place in Poland, I'm really happy about it. Of course, the other Tauron SEC boys also know these tracks. It doesn't really matter where we will go, because in meetings like this, everyone will fight for a win in them and a win in the entire series of the Individual European Championship. I had contact with all these tracks. I look forward to the beginning of this competition, which will start soon.

– What about the track in Bydgoszcz? You have already started training there, it will be your home track in the league, and the Tauron SEC round will take place there a few days before the start of the season in 1st Division. Do you think it can be some advantage for you?

– I have already trained on the track in Bydgoszcz and we have planned further rides. I'm sure I will have a lot of training in this place before one of the Tauron SEC final rounds. I am already looking forward to the meeting in Bydgoszcz, because this year it is my home club in Poland. Hopefully I can perform good there, I would enjoy it and certainly people from my club would treat it similarly.

– All tournaments will take place only in Poland. This is the first time, it always took place in several countries. However, because of the coronavirus, we have what we have. What do you think about this situation?

– I think that the last months have been obviously hard for all of us, regardless of our place in Europe and the world. However, we are happy to see that all countries are trying their best to start the season. We can see it on the example of Poland, where a lot of effort has been put into start of the league. The Extraliga has already started, the 1st Division will do it too, I'm pretty sure it will be similar in the 2nd Division in August. It's good to see Poland, Sweden and Denmark do their best to organize a competition and save the season. Riders, mechanics, clubs – they are all in the same situation. This sport is our job. I am pleased with it, but of course I hope that it will not happen in the future.

– Do you think there is a chance to host one of the Tauron SEC final rounds or at least the SEC Challenge in the future in France?

– It can happen. We have some really good tracks in France. We have had already qualifying rounds for the Individual European Championships or Individual World Championships in Lamothe-Landerron. Major events are taking place there. I think SGP Challenge, SEC Challenge or other qualifications can be hosted on this track. There is a good oval there. The possibility of organizing such an event would certainly be something good for a French speedway and for this place.

– What do you think about other guys in Tauron SEC 2020? Can one of them be your main opponent and favorite of the series? The line-up includes f.ex. Mikkel Michelsen and Leon Madsen, the champions from the previous two years.

– When it comes to Individual European Championships, everyone is here for one reason – all fifteen are good riders. I don't have any specific rival in this line-up. Everyone can beat anyone in speedway. You need to make sure you are faster and try to get as many points as possible to get to the finals. At the end most important is final triumph. I can't say a bad word about the other guys. We are here to score the best and take the highest positions in the championship. I certainly don’t have any specific rival in this line-up.

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All this year's final rounds of the Tauron Speedway Euro Championship will take place in Poland. So far, none of the riders competing in white and red colors, managed to achieve triumph in the final battle of the series. Will the fact that the finals will be hosted only in their country be a suitable motivation?

Lambert peaks in time for Torun

Robert Lambert had a match to remember on Friday scoring 13+1 and playing a pivot roll in Rybnik’s first win of the season at home to Gorzow. And his “super-sub” performance from the #8 position was not just good news for his club, but also good news for his chances at winning another SEC Round as he did in Güstrow, Germany in 2018. That is because in his three of his four heat wins for Rybnik, he beat TAURON SEC rivals, Vaclav Milik and Krzysztof Kasprzak who were paired together for the visitors.

TAURON SEC 2020 participants

The last summary of the remaining five riders which are to compete for the Individual European Championship title. First round of TAURON SEC 2020 will be held in Toruń on 4th of July.

Emil Sayfutdinov with the wild card!

Two-time Individual European Champion, Emil Sayfutdinov received a "wild card" for the second round of the TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2020, which will take place on 8th of July in Bydgoszcz. Ticket sales for this event will start tomorrow.

Tauron SEC will return to Gniezno after two years break

This year’s Tauron Speedway Euro Championship series will take place exceptionally within one month and the venues will be stadiums only in Poland. The competition for the title of the best rider in Europe will return to one of them after two years break.

Bellego: My main goal is to win Individual European Championship
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