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Mikkel Michelsen scored another average performance in the TAURON SEC cycle. The Dane already has quite a lot of losses in the general classification, so if he does not have a breakthrough in his driving, it will be difficult for him to get involved in the fight for top positions. However, the rider is very optimistic and promises improvement in the second part of the struggle for the title of European Champion.

In the second round of TAURON SEC, which on July 27 was held on the track in Torun, Mikkel Michelsen scored eight points and took seventh place. The competitor recorded a very bad start of the competition, because in the first three heats he collected only two points. Only after that he started to ride on the level he got used to in the last months. The last two he won and significantly improved his position after the main round, but it was not enough to go in the playoff for the right to start in the grand final.

- I used the same engine as during the league match when I scored 14 points in five heats. This unit has recently returned to me from the site, but this time it did not work at all. We introduced a lot of different changes, but it did not give anything at all. I could not understand it because I was riding this equipment in Lublin and everything was doing well. After my third run I decided to change the motorcycle and it really helped me. I was a bit frustrated with the whole situation, but it is just slag - explains Mikkel Michelsen.

After the competition, there was a lot of talk about the track, which before the start of the contest took a large amount of water. All thanks to a powerful downpour that just over three hours before the start of the first run passed over the stadium. The riders were toughest on the second curve, where the ruts at the curb could pull them towards the outer part of the track.

- I have repeatedly mentioned that Motoarena is one of the best tracks in the world, but this time in some places it was a bit dangerous. Unfortunately, we had a dangerous accident involving Leon Madsen, Anders Thomsen and Robert Lambert. Then work began to improve the surface condition. Besides, we ourselves have reported our comments. We must remember that this is slag. Each of us drives one hundred percent, and yet we do not have any brakes in our motorcycles. Each time, we must have appropriate track conditions. I hope that we will all learn from this lesson for the future and such situations will not be repeated - reveals Dane.

This year's competition for the title of the Master of the Old Continent entered the halfway point, but Mikkel Michelsen can not count his performances to successful. In the previous two rounds, he collected only 15 points and loses 12 points to the leader of the general classification of Grigory Łaguty, as well as four goals for the medal zone. In this situation, it is difficult to exaggerate optimism, because expectations before the beginning of the cycle were much greater.

- I can not be happy with myself. A year ago I finished the race in fourth place, so now I wanted to stand on the podium and maybe even aim for victory. Unfortunately, there were two bad rounds for the opening. Now it may be too late to fix it all, but of course I will try. So far, I have had a lot of bad luck, but I know that I can do much more. I am a much better rider than I showed it in Guestrow and Toruń. This season is very good for me. All the time I do not lose confidence and I believe that in the last two rounds everything will work out better - assesses the rider.

The next round will be held in the Danish Vojens, on the track, where the World Team Cup finals have already been hosted in the past, as well as the Grand Prix competition. The European Championships, after five years of break, return to the Danish soil because they last competed in Holsted in 2014. Mikkel Michelsen, like the other Danes, who are permanent participants of the TAURON SEC cycle, will have the opportunity to go to their own audience already on 10 August.

- It does not matter anymore, because it seems to me that this year I lost my chance for success. I'm not going to give up, though. In the last two rounds, I will try to show myself a better side than ever before to end the competition with honor. We know very well that in recent years the great speedway has been far from Vojens, so I hope that the fans will be interested in this event and we will all remember it well - Mikkel Michelsen summed up.

SEC News
Michelsen: Two last rounds were amazing

Mikkel Michelsen became the winner of the final round of TAURON SEC 2019, which was taken at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów (Poland). Michelsen got 15 points, which made him equal Grigorii Laguta's score in the overall classification. In the additional heat, it was Dane, who defeated Russian and ultimately ended as the new European Champion.

Laguta: I am missing luck

Over 70 heats. For so long, Grigorii Laguta had been the leader of TAURON SEC 2019. Russian lost the gold medal in the very last, additional heat, where he had to accept Mikkel Michelsen's superiority.

Madsen: I couldn't achieve more

Leon Madsen got the bronze medal in TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2019. In Chorzów, Dane defeated Kacper Woryna in an extra heat and reached for the third position overall.

Mikkel Michelsen is the new European Champion

Dane won the round in Chorzów and after that, defeated Grigorii Laguta in an additional heat, decisive for the title. Locals' favourite - Kacper Woryna had a bad luck with engine's failure, which took bronze medal away.

First French rider at this level

David Bellego is the first Frenchman in TAURON SEC series. Even though he made a promising start, Bellego had some bad luck as he wasn't able to show his full potential due to an injury. In the last round of the Euro Championship, it can be hard for him to compete with this thought that chances to improve and move up in the general classification are small, but on the other hand he will have a chance to draw an attention of organizers and confirm that his place is among the Europe's top.

Track in Chorzów with a license

Newly-built tracka t the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów got the license, which lets the Great Final of TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2019 be held. Rivalry comes on this Saturday.

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