Miedziński: The heart always beats a bit harder

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The player who goes with a wild card during the second round of TAURON SEC in Toruń is Adrian Miedziński. Pole can not pass this season to successful, but he hopes for a good performance in front of his own audience. We talk about "Miedziak" about the Saturday competition on Motoarena, as well as his attitude in the 2019 season.

How did you react to granting you a wild card?

I'm sure I was very happy. I would like to thank One Sport for such an award and for President Michał Zaleski, who personally gave me the nomination for this competition. A confrontation with really good players awaits me. The tournament will take place in Toruń, so I am more happy.

What does it mean for you to go here? You are a pupil of the Toruń club, but for two years you have been defending the colors of the team from Częstochowa.

It means so much to me that I will just go home. Here I have many supporters who support me all the time. It's nice to start in front of your own audience. I think it is such an extra thrill that definitely adds motivation.

How do you approach your performances at the Toruń track since you are not a member of a local club?

The heart always beats a bit harder, but I try to focus on the competition and approach them in a professional way. I always want to do my job the best I can. I feel good on this track. You can definitely make him better to fight and keep in touch, but that's not my role.

Exactly. Motoarena is a very impressive stadium, but we do not always watch good racing on it. Why is this happening?

This track is great for racing, but you need to prepare it well. I hope that it will be possible to do this for the SECURITY round of TAURON SEC, but I immediately say that I will not be able to see it earlier and see if it actually happened. Only on Saturday I will appear at the stadium, because on Friday I have a league match and I will be in Częstochowa. I intend to approach this competition from the march. I do not plan any special preparations.

Do you think that you will be able to use your knowledge about the Toruń track, has it changed so much over the last months that it makes no sense to bother with earlier notes about motorcycle settings?

Lots of riders have traveled on the track in Torun so many times that in general it is not an unknown track. Here, there is no great asset. However, if we are talking about old notes, then I will say that in my case such simply is not there, because these engines and hardware issues are changing so much that it does not work anymore what once worked. You have to search all the time and often do things differently than you have been doing so far.

What is your plan for the Saturday competition in Toruń?

Everyone wants to win. It is logical, but it is known that I do not have any great pressure in me, because I do not compete for the title of the European Champion. However, I'm not going to hide that it would be nice to win and catch even more motivation at the end of the season. All wins are sure to win, so I will try to achieve them, and what will come out, we will see.

This will not be your first contact with the TAURON SEC cycle, because in 2014 you were a regular participant in the struggle for the title of European Champion. You collected 21 points and took 11th place in the general classification. How do you recall this adventure?

I try not to return to this memories. In 2017, I was again a regular participant in the cycle, but I did not play in any final tournament due to an injury. I only appeared in the training before the competition in Hallstavik, but I was not able to start in the competition. Perversely, I will say only that it was so arranged, unfortunately, that it was not going well.

I think there is something in it, because this year you also had a chance to get promoted to the TAURON SEC cycle, but it failed again.

Unfortunately, it worked out. Of course, I wanted to get promoted, because the qualifiers started very well for me. I won in Gorican and I was promoted to the SEC Challenge tournament. The track in Nagyhalasz, however, was completely unknown to me, and the surface proved to be rare. If you do not drive more often on such very hard tracks, it is more difficult to match the equipment and thus it is easy to lose. I am not going to explain it, because I could sort it out a little differently. These professions simply did not work out as if I wanted to.

Would you like to be a regular participant in the TAURON SEC cycle?

Certainly yes. Each competition is better than training. It is not even subject to discussion. In a direct confrontation it is much easier to check and stick to the form. Besides, I like to compete and race for specific goals. It drives me, but of course, the issue of promotion to the TAURON SEC cycle is the melody of the future. We will think about it next season. For now, I'm not going far ahead and trying to deal with the problems that affect me this season.

Well, that's probably not the season of your dreams.

This year I'm still in such a stage that some performances are better for me and others are worse. There is no point in hiding it, it just is not my season. I intertwine very good performances with those much weaker and I know it should not look like that.

How do you find yourself in this situation?

I certainly can not be happy with myself. My form is one big swing and this is the worst of it all. I can spin around in a complete set in Sweden, on the occasion of winning some qualifiers, and in the Polish league all the time I do not get along.

What it comes from?

I certainly can not talk about one specific cause. There are several reasons for this, and some of them have accumulated over a long period of time. I hope that at least the end of the season will be a bit better for me. Man can be satisfied only when the form is stable. It does not have to be sensational, but most importantly, it should be good and equal.

What are you doing to improve your situation?

We have some ideas and try to implement them. We are constantly trying to improve something. It is not that a person sits and does nothing. However, the truth is that if you fall into a hole, it is difficult to get out of it. It's always easier to fall than to climb to the top. It seems to me that I know what mistakes I made, but unfortunately I will not turn back time. Once again, I found out that extraleague does not forgive mistakes.

Are you able to find any positives despite the difficult situation?

In terms of sport, certainly not everything goes as expected, but most importantly, that at least adds health to me. We know well that it has been different in the past. I believe all the time that sports topics will sooner or later get sorted out. Driving on a motorcycle can not be forgotten, just sometimes some things do not work as they should. You need to find the right path and go back on it.

Do you think that the Saturday Motoarena competition can help you somehow?

I guess so. I'm definitely not going there with attitude, just to leave this competition. I would just like to win, just like any player who will appear at the start. I promise that I will try to fight and try to provide many emotions. I cordially invite all supporters and I hope that on Saturday we will see each other at the stadium.

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