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Lambert: I'm not afraid of any challenges

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Robert Lambert made his debut in the Speedway Euro Championship last season. The young Briton showed himself very well and ended the struggle with the bronze medal on the account. Before him there is a chance for further successes in the European championship. Before the start of this year's struggle, he talks about his memories and reflections related to the competition in the Individual European Championships, and also talks about goals and motivations for the season 2019.

Do you still remember about your accomplishment, have you already forgotten about the slippage of speedway duties?

I will never forget it. It was my first season in the European Championship, and I immediately took the high third place and stood on the podium. But now I am focusing on the next season and new goals that I set before me.

So tell me how this medal tastes now, in the new season, when it's been several months?

It seems to me that it has already reached me. I am aware of what I have achieved. It was a really great feeling. As I said, I will never forget it, but now I have to look to the future.

What was this medal for you? A nice surprise or a previously established goal?

Definitely a pleasant surprise. My goal was to be in the lead, but I would never think that in my first season I will be able to climb the podium. Of course, I knew that I was capable of it, but in reality it was a surprise anyway.

Show off how you celebrated winning the bronze medal?

Honestly? We returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

Well, you went crazy. But at least you had some time to sleep? You told me earlier that it was different during the season.

Rather, yes, but on the other hand, I kept up my daily routine all the time. I was getting up early to run before breakfast. Later, however, I was able to go to sleep more quickly, so I was sure to rest.

Will you tell me what else you did after the season?

Finally, I could eat anything that I like, because in the season unfortunately I can not afford it. Besides, I went on vacation and I certainly relaxed a bit.

Surely you also had time to think about what decided your success at the SEC? As you mentioned, you were a debutant.

I think I was just relaxed. Throughout the season I felt good on a motorcycle. The prosecution only turned me on. I walked with a wave and wanted to continue.

The truth is that you entered the SEC cycle for the last minute, shortly before the start of the competition. You replaced Artiom Łaguta, who was promoted to the Grand Prix and resigned from the European Championships. Such a chance probably can not be missed?

Exactly. If you get a chance to start in such an event and feel that you are ready for it, then you can not let it pass your nose. Now I can say that my feelings were right. I managed to take third place, so I was really ready for it.

How much money would you put on your medal after the first round in Gniezno, where you scored six points and you took the eleventh place?

I would never even think that I could be third at the end, so I probably would not put any money. Fortunately, I won the second round in Gustrow and approached the top. In fact, after the first round, it is usually unclear who will win. Anything can happen, so I just did not lose hope for a good result.

Since you have already caught up with Gustrow, tell me if this is the round you remember the most?

Of course. I left a great competition there. I know this track very well and I feel almost there at home. I remember that the day later we did not have a match in the Polish league, so there was an opportunity to organize a meeting after the competition and to sacrifice a bit.

And what about the final round in Chorzów? The promoters from One Sport for the first time in history organized a competition on an artificially laid track.

I think it was a good move. It's definitely not an easy decision when you have to choose between tracks that already exist and those that you need to build yourself. As you say, they did it for the first time and in my opinion they did a great job. I focus primarily on racing and try to show my best side, but I have noticed that they are really nice people who can cooperate well.

Looking at the course of the competition in Chorzów from your perspective, I get the impression that at some point it got hot. Antonio Lindbaeck and Mikkel Michelsen chased after you, and eventually you overtook only one point in the general classification, so the medal could pass you by the nose.

It was just as difficult as in any other round. I focused mainly on maintaining the place in the top five and qualifying for the cycle in the next season. I think that even if I could not get a medal, keeping it at the SEC would be a sufficient achievement for me as for the first year of starts.

What went wrong in Chorzów? You got eight points there and you took the eighth place. This is not a bad result, but you probably expected much more.

I think that I did not have enough experience and more starts on artificially laid tracks. Admittedly, I was riding in Cardiff before, but it was not a successful competition for me. I prefer not to think back to these worse moments.

Well, let's talk about the future. This year the SEC final round will be held again in Chorzów. How would you encourage fans to buy tickets for this event?

If someone would like to cheer on me there, I can assure you that I will be more prepared for this competition than recently. I will try to do much better, but not only because I would like to invite fans there. The Silesian Stadium is really a great place to organize speedway competitions. The atmosphere is on the same level as in Cardiff.

What plan do you have for SEC 2019?

Similar to last year, but I would like to be a bit more consistent and regular in scoring points in all four rounds.

What other conclusions did you get after the first season of starts in the SEC?

For example, that it went very well for a debut, and certainly much better than I originally expected.

Are not you afraid that the SEC season may be more difficult than the first one?

Throughout the winter, I've worked hard to stay in shape, so I'm not afraid of any challenges this season.

Ambitiously. Where do you get this motivation?

Hard to say. When I think about it, it seems to me that I am racing better under pressure, but at the same time, I would be able to race completely relaxed.

So you are a universal speedway rider. This can be useful in the European Championship, because you will race on four different tracks. How do you like the SEC calendar for 2019?

I looked at him, but for now I have so many other meetings on my head that I have not thought about it yet. I have to think first of all about what is currently in front of me. The best approach is to the next starts that fill your calendar.


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