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Lindbaeck: I'll try to improve

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One of the most unpredictable competitors in this year's Speedway Euro Championship is Antonio Lindbaeck. The Swede has weaker moments, but he has repeatedly proved that he can afford to fight for a good result. A year ago he was close to the podium and now he would like to be in the top three.

"Toninho" already knows the taste of the medal, because in his debut in 2015 he reached for bronze, working out an almost 20-point advantage over Janusz Kołodziej and Martin Vaculik. The rider already has quite a lot of experience in the European Championship, because he drove three full seasons in them, each time placing himself in the upper part of the general classification.

A year after winning the bronze medal was the sixth and two years later the fifth. During this time he stood on the podium of single rounds five times, but he never reached for victory yet. Three times he was the second and twice the third. It is worth noting that two-thirds of the races in which he took part ended up in the first or second place.

- You would like to achieve even more each time. At the start, everyone wishes to end the competition on the podium. I'm not different in this respect. I always have the same goal and I want to be in the top three. I think that the European Championship is an interesting initiative. They are certainly not as demanding as the Grand Prix. The formula suits me very well. The whole event closes in one day and does not take so much time. It's great to have training on the same day as the competition. There is a nice atmosphere here and everything is organized - evaluates therider.

A year ago, Antonio Lindbaeck returned to the SEC cycle after a one-year break. The rider got from the organizers a permanent wild, after he fell out of the Grand Prix series, and immediately joined in the fight for the highest positions. Until the very end, he kept the chance for a bronze medal, but eventually he had to get away with the taste, because he was classified in fifth place. However, the podium lacked only one point, which could be frustrating, but on the other hand, he had something to enjoy, because the throw on the tape remained in the SEC cycle for the season 2019. Sixth in the general classification of Emil Sajfutdinov overtook by just one point .

- It was very important for me to stay in the cycle. I think the European Championships are good for my career. A year ago I wanted to stand on the podium, the more so because it was so tight and the differences were small. Fortunately, I have another chance ahead of me and I will try to improve myself. I know that I have to be much more consistent in earning points if I want to think about a medal. I need to collect points in each tournament and avoid bad results. I will do my best to go up the general classification, "Lindbaeck reveals.
A competitor from Sweden is well aware of what he is talking about, because a year ago he did not maintain an even and high form throughout the whole cycle. "Toninho" scored very good performances in Gniezno and Chorzów, where he took second places and added a lot of points to the general classification. With his attitude at Daugavpils, he could also be satisfied because he placed there in fifth position and again ended the struggle with a two-digit point gain on the account.

However, the consequences were lacking during the second round in Gustrow, where he scored only four stitches and was classified in a distant fourteenth place, which probably deprived him of the chance to win one of the medals. Interestingly, this year's struggle in the SEC cycle will be inaugurated on this specific and short German track, so Lindbaeck will have the opportunity to rehabilitate.

- I can not say that this is one of my favorite tracks, but I will go there to give my best and see what will happen. For now, I have no plan yet to achieve a better result there. A few days before the competition there is no point thinking about it too much. I will think about it when I appear at the stadium. I hope that I will be able to improve, because at the end of the season I would like to stand on the podium and win a medal - claims Szwed.

Career Antonio Lindbaeck is a series of ups and downs. A rider in the past has already announced the ending of the adventure with slag, he also had problems with the law and health, but he always found motivation to re-appear on the track. In Poland, he repeatedly decided to take part in the lower league to rebuild his form, but recently he settled in Grudziądz and for several years is an important link in this extraleague team.

This year, "Toninho" is racing again in the World Cup, but does not intend to underestimate the European Championships. Looking at his previous results, it seems that on this front he can win much more. However, this is only prediction, because the moods in the boxing of a Swedish rider are able to change at an alarming rate, and he himself sometimes notices weaker results, just to fight for top positions. This means that you must not cross it and be careful.

- If I knew why this is happening, I would try to fix it somehow, but I really have no idea where the swing is coming from. Now I am concentrating on becoming a better rider. I have to think first of all about positive things. I keep fighting, I work hard and see where fate will lead me, "said Antonio Lindbaeck.

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