The fans will come for the only „hanys” in lineup

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During today's press conference, which took place at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów, several organizational changes in the "life" of the cycle were presented. One thing is certain - this year's SEC will go down in history.

 The conference was held on the legendary for Polish sport and slag, the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów. The final round of the SEC, which will take place in the "Witches' Cauldron" on September 28, will be the return of slag after last year's successful fourth round of struggles. Preparations for the final of this year's European speedway championship are going "in full swing". As the organizers of the cycle informed, they were sold just over 10,000 tickets.

- It is a great honor and honor for me that for the fourth time in a row I can be the honorary patron of the cycle. SEC is increasingly important on the speedway map. The tournament's cast is the strongest in history. Last year's European champion, Leon Madsen, is the leader of the GP cycle, so as you can see, getting SEC titles pay off. I am very impressed with what One Sport does for this sport, but let's remember that One Sport is not only the SEC, but also the series of Individual Junior World Championships. The Polish speedway was famous for great speedway riders, and for years we have shown that not only BSI, but also One Sport can do great competitions. I remember Krzysztof Kasprzak winning bronze, Jarosław Hampel a year ago. Three times lucky. I look so timidly at Kacper Worny, perhaps thanks to him we will hear Masur Dąbrowski at the Silesian Stadium. It's a fantastic thing for a man who loves cinder. Last year the track was very safe, this year it will be definitely more interesting, that's why I book the last Saturday of September so that I can cross my fingers for white and red during the SEC finals - said Ryszard Czarnecki, European Champion and Honorary Patron of TAURON Speedway Euro Championship. The guest of the conference was also the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship, Mr. Jakub Chełstowski.

- We are happy with this unique conference. A year ago I was here as a spectator and live emotions it's a completely different level. I am glad that in three months we will host the best of the best. I am convinced that this event will be unique and wonderful. The region bets on sport, and the slag is a great showcase of the Silesian Stadium. We are effective, together we create a great event for the inhabitants of Silesia and the interest in this event is unusually large. Most importantly, that this event will take place at the beautiful stadium in Silesia. The object must live and this event it proves it. SEC is a great spectacle. I wish to myself and the organizers that during the competition it would be safe for both competitors and spectators. Let the spirit of sport dominate. You must have great respect for competitors. I invite you on September 28 for a unique event at the Silesian Stadium.

- The involvement of the Śląskie Voivodeship is something natural in this case. I would like to see the stadium filled to the brim and a brilliant competition. For sure in September, we will all come here in the heart of Silesia, in the Witches' Cauldron, "added Deputy Marshal Wojciech Kałuża.

- We are very pleased that we can participate in such a prestigious project. We are satisfied with the previous edition. We are very happy that we are repeating what we managed to do last year. The quality of the project is at a very high level. We hope that TAURON will be recognized as a sports brand. We are happy that this is where the SEC finals will take place. The Silesian Stadium is not just cinder. We hope that the organizers will see our contribution and we will be able to cooperate for years - said Marek Wadowski, Vice President of the Management Board of TAURON Polska Energia S.A.

- I would like to thank TAURON for help and support, the Marshal for celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Silesian Uprising. Thanks also to our patron, Ryszard Czarnecki, who helps us carry out this project. We want it to be even better. We drew the appropriate conclusions from last year's competition and we believe that cooperation with TAURON will be long-term. Slag in the heart of Silesia is needed. We intend to do even better competition on this object, therefore the geometry will be changed, the track will be wider. We believe that both the weather and the track will pass the exam. We are counting on a real sport spectacle. All activities that we plan will cause that we will fill the Silesia Stadium. We have already sold over 10,000 tickets. The best promotion will be the SEC value itself, which this year is extremely high. The most important stage of work is ahead of us. I believe that we will all have fun during the September competition. - added Karo Lejman, President of One Sport.

- Last year, many said that there will never be any more slag here. Since the moment when One Sport said he wants to build a speedway track on the treadmill, we have supported this project from the beginning. As it turns out, you can build a track here. We hope that it will be even better and will guarantee even more excitement. What is worth emphasizing, it will be the only championship event at the Silesian Stadium this year. Therefore, we count on a full set of audience - said the Vice President of the Management Board of the Silesian Stadium, Krzysztof Klimosz.

The Chairman of the Main Race Committee of FIM Europe, Piotr Szymański, was also asked about the memories of last year's competition.

- It was crazy days, when One Sport prepared the track before the match Poland - Rest of the World. For some, tears of happiness were seen after its completion. The experience gained will allow you to create a perfect track, and the best will win. The staff's competition is great, young players and forward-looking, like Leon Madsen, who is one of the leaders of the GP cycle this year. I look forward to interesting four Individual European Championship events.

At the end, Kacper Woryna was asked to speak.

- Grandfather's spirit hovers over this stadium, but I write my story. Last year I was very happy with my performance, of course it was a great honor for me that I received a wild card for those competitions. Now I'm going in the whole cycle, that's why I want to present myself best and go to TAURON SEC as best I can. I'm the only hany in the field, so I hope that there will be a lot of supporters behind me in the stands. I'd like there to be more than that last year.

The starting numbers for the first round of the SEC cycle were also drawn, which will take place on July 13 at the Stadium in Güstrow.

1. Bartosz Smektała # 115 (Poland)
2. Anders Thomsen # 11 (Denmark)
3. Robert Lambert # 505 (Great Britain)
4. Mikkel Michelsen # 155 (Denmark)
5. Antonio Lindbaeck # 85 (Sweden)
6. Grigorij Laguta # 111 (Russia)
7. David Bellego # 415 (France)
8. Leon Madsen # 30 (Denmark)
9. Michael Jepsen Jensen # 52 (Denmark)
10. Vaclav Milik # 225 (Czech Republic)
11. Paweł Przedpełski # 323 (Poland)
12. Kacper Woryna # 223 (Poland)
13. Kai Huckenbeck # 744 (Germany)
14. Kevin Woelbert # 16 (Germany)
15. Jarosław Hampel # 33 (Poland)
16. Nicki Pedersen # 110 (Denmark)
17. Tobias Busch # 17 (Germany)
18. Lukas Baumann # 18 (Germany)

SEC News
Jepsen Jensen's solidity

 Word that would perfectly describe Michael Jepsen Jensen is "solidity". Dane hasn't used to get under some level and it was the same when it comes to his starts in TAURON SEC 2019. Rider of Falubaz Zielona Góra had been in the game for medals for a long time, but ultimately he had to leave empty handed.

Bright shine for the future

 For a long time, 2019 was a really tough season for Paweł Przedpełski. Polish rider couldn't be satisfied with both his starts in the league and individual meetings. Luckily, a successful ending occurred, which may give a bright shine for the future. One of the main reasons of thinking so is Pole's performance in Chorzów.

Great moment for Michelsen

 Not everything had been going in his line when it comes to rivalry in TAURON SEC 2019. Mikkel Michelsen worked hard through the whole season and made his dream about the gold medal true. He seems like a perfect example of a great determination that can take you to the top.

French debut

 French ace is a proof that you can link a good sport level with broadening speedway map. In 2019, David Bellego made it right on multiple fronts. And what can be regretted the most is the second part of TAURON SEC 2019...

Michelsen: Two last rounds were amazing

Mikkel Michelsen became the winner of the final round of TAURON SEC 2019, which was taken at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów (Poland). Michelsen got 15 points, which made him equal Grigorii Laguta's score in the overall classification. In the additional heat, it was Dane, who defeated Russian and ultimately ended as the new European Champion.

Laguta: I am missing luck

Over 70 heats. For so long, Grigorii Laguta had been the leader of TAURON SEC 2019. Russian lost the gold medal in the very last, additional heat, where he had to accept Mikkel Michelsen's superiority.

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