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Laguta's stroke of genius!

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 Nagyhalasz (Hungary) was the place to give us final answers when it comes to going through to the SEC finals. Riders took a battle to get into the first five spots, which were giving the promotion to SEC series.

 Fans in Nagyhalasz find their brick surface as a great one, because it brings many passes on the distance and the first race of the evening only confirmed this thesis. Fantastic fight was presented by Logachov and Bellego. Ultimately, after a attack on the last lap, it was Logachov enjoying first win of the night.

However, this night belonged to someone else. Grigorii Laguta - Russian, who's coming back to speedway after a two-year break, showed that he's the one to be afraid of. "Grisha" was unstoppable and ended the meeting with maximum points. His advance hadn't been under danger even for a second. Speed Car Motor Lublin fans can look forward to Sunday, when Russian starts competing as their club rider.

In Hungary, there was no time to be bored at all. Nearly every heat brought tons of emotions, but on the other hand, we had many crashes. The worst one came in heat no.15, when Peter Kildemand and Robert Kovacs fell on the track. Unfortunately, Dane lef the stadium in ambulance. Early statements came with a report of a broken nose.

At the end of the day, behind Grigorij Laguta's back, we had Michael Jepsen Jensen, whose 13 points were also the ones to be impressed with. Dane also joined the SEC 2019 line up.

In the meetings like SEC Challenge, there are always some out-of-focus riders, silent heroes. That could be a description of David Bellego, who felt like a duck to water. 12 points and effective racing made him go through to the last chance heat, where four riders were fighting for three spots giving a promotion. Next to French rider, we had Kacper Woryna, Vaclav Milik and Anders Thomsen.

In the decisive battle we... witnessed another crash. This time, it was Pole having a close meeting with surface, after being attacked by Thomsen at the fourth lap. Dane got excluded by the referee - Aleksander Latosinski and it got clear that the other three could start celebrating a promotion. After a small confusion, referee noted an order in the moment of Woryna's fall. Therefore, it was Bellego and Milik going through to the final heat, where Czech fell as well, after Jepsen Jensen's attack. Referee, once again noted the result, even though everything happened on the third lap. Laguta won the final heat, Bellego was second and Milik got himself on the lowest step of the podium.

Meeting in Hungary was a perfect promotion of speedway, but with worrying falls, which negatively influenced meeting's liquidity. Riders, who got through to the SEC finals, represent five different countries, which will also spice up the SEC 2019 series.

1. Grigorij Łaguta (Russia) (3,3,3,3,3) 15
2. David Bellego (France) (2,3,3,1,3) 12
3. Václav Milík (Czech Rep.) (3,2,2,3,1) 11
4. Michael Jepsen Jensen (Denmark) (2,3,3,2,3) 13 
5. Kacper Woryna (Poland) (2,2,2,3,3) 12
6. Anders Thomsen (Denmark) (2,3,3,0,2) 10 
7. Paweł Przedpełski (Poland) (1,2,2,2,1) 8
8. Jurica Pavlic (Croatia) (0,0,1,3,2) 6

9. Sergiej Logaczew (3,d,1,1,1) 6
10. Bartosz Smektała (Poland) (1,2,1,0,2) 6
11. Peter Kildemand (Denmark) (3,1,0,W,-) 4
12. Andriej Kudriaszow (Russia) (0,1,0,2,1) 4
13. Adrian Miedziński (Poland) (1,1,2,0,-) 4
14. Andrzej Lebiediew (Latvia) (0,W,1,2,0) 3
15. Tobiasz Musielak (Poland) (2,T) 2
16. Bjarne Pedersen (Denmark) (1,0,0,1,0) 2
17. Roland Kovács (Hungary) (0,1,0,1,0) 2

Heat by heat:
1. Łogaczow, Bellego, Pedersen, Kovács
2. Kildemand, Thomsen, Miedziński, Lebiediew
3. Milík, Jensen, Przedpełski, Kudriaszow
4. Łaguta, Woryna, Smektała, Pavlic
5. Jensen, Woryna, Kildemand, Pedersen
6. Thomsen, Smektała, Kudriaszow, Łogaczow (Ex)
7. Łaguta, Przedpełski, Kovács, Lebiediew (Ex)
8. Bellego, Milík, Miedziński, Pavlic
9. Thomsen, Przedpełski, Pavlic, Pedersen
10. Łaguta, Milík, Łogaczow, Kildemand
11. Jensen, Miedziński, Smektała, Kovács
12. Bellego, Woryna, Lebiediew, Kudriaszow
13. Milík, Lebiediew, Pedersen, Smektała
14. Woryna, Przedpełski, Logaczow, Miedziński
15. Pavlic, Kudriaszow, Kovács, Kildemand (Ex)
16. Łaguta, Jensen, Bellego, Thomsen
17. Łaguta, Musielak, Kudriaszow, Pedersen
18. Jensen, Pavlic, Łogaczow, Lebiediew
19. Woryna, Thomsen, Milík, Kovács
20. Bellego, Smektała, Przedpełski, Musielak (T)

Last chance heat:
21. Bellego, Milík, Woryna, Thomsen (Ex)

22. Łaguta, Bellego, Milík, Jensen (Ex)


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