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Speedway Euro Championship: Did you know that...?

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We are only days away from the start of Individual Speedway European Championship. Final round of SEC will be held on September 28th in Chorzów, which fires the riders' imagination even more and works as a magnet. However, before first riders will fight for spots in SEC Challenge on April 27th, it would be good to get to know some interesting facts about SEC series.

- For the second year in a row, runner-up in general classification of SEC got 45 points (A. Laguta - 2017, J.Hampel - 2018)

- Leon Madsen got 56 points in the overall classification, which is a second highest score in the history of SEC series. Record belongs to Emil Sayfutdinov, who got 58 points back in 2015.

1. Emil Sayfutdinov 58p
2. Leon Madsen 56p

- Only three riders in the history of SEC series got the maximum points during a single round:

Leon Madsen – Chorzów – 2018
Emil Sayfutdinov – Kumla – 2015
Martin Vaculik – Rzeszów – 2013

- In 2018 season, Andzejs Lebedevs had three engine failures, which tops this rank. In 2017, Kacper Gomólski, also had three of them.

- Kacper Woryna became the fifth rider in the history, who jumped on the podium of the single round, while racing with the wild card.

1. Jarosław Hampel – 17 pts - Toruń 2017
2. Krzysztof Kasprzak – 15 pts - Gorican 2013
3. Kacper Woryna – 13 pts - Chorzów 2018
4. Paweł Przedpełski – 12 pts – Toruń 2015
5. Kai Huckenbeck – 9 pts – Güstrow 2016

- Least fourth positions in 2018 among the permanent participants: Leon Madsen and Mikkel Michelsen - 1.

- Among all of the starting riders, Kacper Woryna, did not finish his race at the last position even once. On the other hand, Josef Franc had the most zeros in the history (17).

- Leon Madsen got the most heat wins - 15.

- Leon Madsen and Jarosław Hampel faced each other in SEC 2018 heats five times and in all of them, it was Dane grabbing the win.

- Josef Franc got his first point in SEC 2018 in his 14th heat.

- Andreas Jonsson was the oldest rider in SEC 2018 (38 y.o.)

- Jakub Miśkowiak was the youngest rider of all starting in at least one heat (17 y.o.)

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