Peter Kildemand: I believe in my skills

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That’s not the best part of Peter Kildemand’s career. A few years ago Dane was a rising star. Now, he can’t score as many points as in the past, but in Tauron SEC 2018 he is still in the game. „Spiderman” believes, that Grand Final in Chorzów can be a big turn in difficult weeks.

 - If I know everything, I will make right changes. I feel that I have some problems with bikes, but it seems that everything is going well now. I hope, that after some time, I will come back to my best form – said Peter Kildemand, asked about his problems.

This year Kildemand’s promotion to Tauron SEC was a little surprise. On the beginning of the season he wasn’t in high form and sometimes he was losing his position in Unia Tarnów’s squad. Also his worse results caused his replacement with other teammates. Despite that Dane finished 5th in SEC Challenge in Terenzano.

In Tauron SEC, he started with the 6th place in Gniezno, where he beat Andrzejs Lebiediews, Leon Madsen and Robert Lambert. He was better in Gustrow, where he was 5th with 10 points. Of course, he didn’t promote to final heats, but it was still better results than everyone expected.

- On the right way, he can’t be fully glad of your results. You always want to win more. It seems that in previous months I made a little progress. I can make points on different tracks. I want to stay on that way – said Kildemand.

For sure, everyone saw Kildemand’s porgress in Tauron SEC. Of course, it wasn’t his best level, but sometimes also in PGE Ekstraliga he was close to score 10 points or more. What he changed in his team?

- I didn’t change too much. I trying to belive that in every tournament I can be better. Last time I feel more comfortable on my bike. That’s a huge step ahead – said „Spiderman”.

In every Tauron SEC round, Kildemand wanted to make progress. Unfortunately, in Daugavpils he rode his worst SEC round. Now, in the GC he is 9th, but he is only 3 points behind top 5, who will ride in SEC 2019.

- Promotion to SEC wasn’t a surprise for me. I’m happy that I can ride in that cycle. Last round is ahead of me and I will check what I can do. Of course I’m dreaming about a medal, but it’s too difficult to do. Despite that, I won’t stop fighting – said Kildemand.

Individual competitions are different than league meetings. In that kind of tournaments rider is working on his own account. On the track, everybody is thinking about individual result and doesn’t need to look at teammate. In PGE Ekstraliga Kildemand fought with pressure. He came to Tarnów as a rider who has to lead the team in remaining in the highest division. His bad results caused Unia to finish last, so it lost position in Ekstraliga.

- In SEC it is not easier than in PGE Ekstraliga. Pressure is everywhere. If you are trying to ride without that, you’re too calm to fight for victory. You always have to keep focus – said Dane.

A few years ago, Kildemand made some good results on international level. In 2014 he took silver in SEC. In that season, he was three times on the podium. In Gustrow he was in Gustrow and Holsted, third in Częstochowa. Also he has over than 30 starts in Speedway Grand Prix. Five times he finished in top 3, and also 3 times he was the best. Unfortunately, in previous seasons he lost his position in the most important tournaments and also in Danish national team. Can he come back to the top?

- Of course. Everything can happen. If I won’t think about comeback, I will have to stop my career. I’m still believing in my skills. Everything can turn to the right direction. I feel that the moment is close – finished Kildemand.

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