Polish fans believe in their pupils

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 It’s like tradition. Poles are again the most numerous nation in TAURON SEC cycle. Also this time is similar. For sure, every of them has special goals.

 Today on stadium in Gniezno we’ll start the fght for European championship. Fans, who will come to the stands for sure will support four Poles – Jarosław Hampel, Piotr Pawlicki, Krzysztof Kasprzak and the tournament wild card, Adrian Gała.

The last of them will start in only one competiton, but Hampel’s example showed, that „wild boy” also can make a good result. As we remember, last year Hampel won in Toruń, when he started in the same role as Gała. Local rider is the biggest surprise in Polish 1st division. 23 year old rider has been observed by organizers and for sure will make his best to thank them.

The other three riders have the same goal – to win a medal. Of course Jarosław Hampel said, that he only wants to do everything what he can, but his ambiton will lead him to the podium. In similar situaton in Piotr Pawlicki, who has been replaced by his older brother in Speedway Grand Prix cycle. Now he has a chance to show the Europe, that he’s stll in world’s top. Also Krzysztof Kasprzak can make something special. As we know, he has a SEC medal from 2016. It’s not a surprise, that Poles can fght for victory. They also riding on the highest level in PGE Ekstraliga, on the ground where the problems mean fatal scores.

Next to Poles there are Danes. Riders from Hamlet’s country are permanent SEC participants. There is also three of them. That shows that white and red will be the most used colour on kevlars. Who knows, maybe in results as well? About that we’ll know more after competitions in Gniezno, Gustrow, Daugavpils and Chorzów.


SEC News
Leon Madsen is the new Individual European Champion

 Leon Madsen won TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2018 series. In Chorzów, Dane ended the meeting with maximum points. Other spots on the podium were taken by Jarosław Hampel and Robert Lambert.

Masterful ending

264 laps in TAURON Speedway Euro Championship 2018 behind us. During upcoming 22 heats, fight for the supremacy in Europe will fight its end. For the next year, one of the rider will be able to call himself the Individual European Champion. The great final at the Śląski Stadium will give us the answer who will it be.

Plenty of attractions in the Fan Zone

On September 15th at 20:00 Śląski Stadium will welcome TAURON SEC 2018 Grand Final. There we’ll meet the new European champion. Before competition, we want to invite you to come to fanzone, where from 17:00 a lot of attraction for fans will be prepared.

Puka: Pole will win whole cycle

On Saturday, the whole speedway world will watch epic competition on Śląski Stadium in Chorzów. What kind of emotions we will experience? Who will stay forever in speedway history? Who will take the medals of TAURON SEC 2018? We asked „Przegląd Sportowy” journalist Mateusz Puka about his predictions.

Lambert: It's down to me

Robert Lambert is not only a sensation of TAURON SEC series, but the whole season in general. Brit has been presenting a great disposition right from the beginning of the season, by getting many points for both club teams and in individual meetings. In the Individual Speedway European Championship, Lambert is currently third overall and keeps his chances for the medal.

Fight for medals and to remain in the tour

During final TAURON SEC 2018 round, which will take place in Chorzów on Saturday, we’ll face a lot of emotions. Except main dish, the fight for the title, some riders will do everything to stay in SEC for another year.

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