Güstrow, 15.07.2017 17:30


Speedway-Stadion Güstrow
Plauer Chaussee 4, 18273 Güstrow
GPS Data
N53° 47' 5.28", E12° 11' 47.04"
56.50 Piotr Protasiewicz
Heat 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 V. Milik        P. Pawlicki        A. Jonsson        M. Jensen       
2 K. Huckenbeck        K. Kasprzak        A. Lebedevs        M. Smolinski       
3 N. Klindt        A. Kudryashov        M. Szczepaniak        K. Gomólski       
4 A. Laguta        K. Bjerre        M. Bech        L. Madsen       
5 M. Szczepaniak        K. Kasprzak        V. Milik        M. Bech       
6 A. Lebedevs        P. Pawlicki        L. Madsen        N. Klindt       
7 M. Jensen        K. Gomólski        K. Bjerre        M. Smolinski       
8 A. Laguta        K. Huckenbeck        A. Kudryashov        A. Jonsson       
9 A. Lebedevs        V. Milik        A. Laguta        K. Gomólski       
10 P. Pawlicki        A. Kudryashov        K. Kasprzak        K. Bjerre       
11 M. Jensen        K. Huckenbeck        M. Szczepaniak        L. Madsen       
12 A. Jonsson        N. Klindt        M. Smolinski        M. Bech       
13 A. Kudryashov        L. Madsen        M. Smolinski        V. Milik       
14 K. Huckenbeck        K. Gomólski        M. Bech        P. Pawlicki       
15 K. Kasprzak        A. Laguta        M. Jensen        N. Klindt       
16 M. Szczepaniak        A. Lebedevs        A. Jonsson        K. Bjerre       
17 V. Milik        K. Huckenbeck        K. Bjerre        N. Klindt       
18 A. Laguta        M. Szczepaniak        M. Smolinski        P. Pawlicki       
19 A. Lebedevs        M. Jensen        A. Kudryashov        M. Bech       
20 A. Jonsson        K. Kasprzak        K. Gomólski        L. Madsen       
21 K. Kasprzak        V. Milik        M. Szczepaniak        K. Huckenbeck       
22 A. Laguta        A. Lebedevs        K. Kasprzak        V. Milik       
Field 3 PTS 2 PTS 1 PTS 0 PTS
1 27% 41% 14% 18%
2 9% 23% 36% 32%
3 18% 23% 36% 23%
4 45% 14% 14% 27%

 Name: MC Güstrow
Phone: +49 (0)3843-68-46-85
Website: mcguestrow.de
Email: info@mcguestrow.de

 Deutscher Motor Sport Bund
Phone: +49-221-95743443
Website: dmsb.de

 Airport Schonefeld – Berlin
Website: berlin-airport.de
Distance: 200 km


 Güstrow is the seventh largest city in the Land of Mecklenburg Western Pomerania - The front of about 31 thousand. residents. It lies about 45 km south of Rostock on the river Nebel. The city lies near the lake Insel, Sumpf, Parumer constituting the northern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District.

The city is known primarily for its monuments, such as the castle built in the years 1558-1589 in Renaissance style. Also added the Renaissance garden created on the basis of old engravings, Collegiate Gothic (German House) with rich interior gothic (among others. Crucifix, stalls, late-Gothic altars of about 1,500 years, figures of the apostles), Renaissance tomb of the prince, Town Hall, 1797-1798 , with earlier relics.

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